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Autel stellt MaxiIM IM608 vor, ein hochmodernes 10-Zoll-Touchscreen-Tablet auf Android-Basis, das die fortschrittlichsten Funktionen für Tastenprogrammierung und Wegfahrsperre mit Diagnose- und Servicefunktionen auf OE-Ebene kombiniert. Ausgestattet mit dem XP400-Schlüsselprogrammierer und dem MaxiFlash JVCI ECU-Programmierer ist IM608 ein umfassendes Werkzeug für Wegfahrsperren und Schlüsselprogrammierung und ideal für Autotechniker und Schlosser.

Original Autel MaxiIM IM608 Advanced Diagnose + IMMO + Key Programming Tool

Autel MaxiIM IM608 Highlights:

1. Support Multi-Language: 
    * Diagnose Software: Default Language is English, Can Be Changed Language to German, Swidish, Italian, Portuguese, French, etc.
    * IMMO Software: Only English Version Till Now
2. NO IP Blocking Problem, Can Be Used in All EU Countries
3. One Year Free Update Online (After One Year, Update Cost 795USD/ Year)
4. Professional Key Programming Equipped with XP400 and MaxiFlash JVCI for ECU Coding. XP400 Newly Updated to the Same as XP400Pro Functions.
Powerful Combination of Advanced Key Programming/ All System Diagnostics (Same as as MaxiSYS MS908)/ Advanced Maintenance Services
6. Pass-Through System, In-depth diagnosis of all vehicle modules and Programming of modules and components of the vehicle
7. Wide Vechicle Coverage: 
Support more than 80 US, Asian and European makes and models
8. Powerful Hardware: Cortex A7+A15 six-core processor,10.1-inch LED capacitive touch screen with 1920x1200 Android Tablet
9. It can Upgrade to IM608 PRO by Combining with XP400 Pro
Lastest Update information:  Feb.2022 Update Volvo Add Smart Key All Smart Keys Lost,Audi BCM2 IMMO Function 
 Notice: No Holden Software Supported.

autel im608 all in one

Autel MaxiIM IM608 is the most advanced and the unique all in one key programming and diagnostic tool that combines advanced key programming, all systems diagnostics, and advanced services in one Android based 10.1-inch touchscreen tablet. It is equipped with XP400 key programmer and MaxiFlash ECU programmer to provide complete coverage of IMMO and programming functions. Together with the ability to quickly diagnose all modules of the majority of the makes and models on the market, IM608 provides you with all special functions. It is the unprecedented key programming and diagnostic tool that you ever wanted

Autel MaxiIM IM608 Functions:

1. OE-Level All Systems Diagnositcs

Connect the IM608 tablet to the vehicle via the OtoFlash (VCI) to perform extensive diagnostic and service functions.
▪All System Diagnostics
▪Auto Search / VIN Finding
▪Reading / Deleting Error Code
▪Viewing the Live Data Stream
▪View Records of Failure History
▪Store and Data Management Applications
▪MaxiFlash JVCI ECU Programmer (Bluetooth / USB Cable)
autel im608 all system diagnostic

2. All Special Functions, EPB, DPF, SAS, Oil Reset, BMS and TPMS Sensor ID Re-Programming etc.

Autel IM608 Service Functions
3. Access Live Data | Data from the ECU/Modulesnsors displayed in real-time (Oxygen sensor-rich/lean etc)
4. Actuation/Component Testing | Actuate (switch on/off) to diagnose functionality (relays, fans, locks etc)
5. Coding Functions | Allows you to change vehicle parts that need to be "coded" (Injectors, ABS, starters etc)

Autel IM608 ECU Coding

6. Flashing/ Reprogramming | Advanced updating/coding of ECU's online through a J2534 pass-through flashing device

7. Advanced Key Programming | IMMO functions, Transponder read/write/identify, MCU/EEPROM chip read/write

Connect the IM608 tablet to the vehicle (via the Bluetooth VCI or Main Cable) and to the XP400 (via USB cable) to access IMMO related functions, including Key Learning, Remote Control Learning, Remote Control Add, etc. The software provides two methods to access IMMO functions
1. Smart Mode – for Guided and Automated Key Learning - step by step through a series of functions.
2. Expert Mode – for Advanced Key Learning - select a specific function.

1). PIN / CS Reading (Full Lost)
2). Key Generation
3). Key Programming
4). Command Introduction
5). Backup / Repair IMMO Data
6). IMMO ECU Brain Reset / Adaptation
7). IMMO ECU Brain Reset / Coding
8). BENZ 3rd Generation IMMO Key Splicing, Full Lost, Key Programming
9). BMW FEM / BDC Key Programming and ECU Adaptation
10). BMW CAS4 / 3/2 Key Programming
11). VW / AUDI MQB Key Programming, 48 Transponder (96-bit) Key Splicing, Full Lost, A6 Full Lost and More ...


XP400 Key & Chip Programmer Introduction:

Connect the IM608 tablet to the XP400 Key Programmer (no vehicle connection required) to access the key chip, read, retrieve and write key information, as well as other key related functions. The XP400 includes 12 ports:

1. DC Port – provides 12V DC power supply.
2. USB Port – provides data communication and 5V DC power supply.
3. DB 26-Pin Port – connects with the Mercedes Benz infrared cable, vehicle key cable, ECU cable, MCU cable, MC9S12 cable.
4. Cross Signal Pins – holds the MCU board, MCU spare cable or DIY signal interface.
5. IC Card Induction Area
6. Vehicle Key Slot – holds the vehicle key.
7. Transponder Slot – holds the transponder.
8. Remote Control Transponder Induction Area Figure 2-5 XP400 Views 11
9. Mercedes Infrared Key Slot – holds the Mercedes infrared key.
10. Status LED – indicates the current operating status.
11. Locker – locks the EEPROM component transponder slot to ensure proper functioning.
12. EEPROM Component Transponder Slot – holds the EEPROM plug-in transponder or EEPROM socket.

XP400 Key & Chip Programmer Function List:

Support PC
MCU / EEPROM Chips Read / Write
ECU Read / Write
MC9S12 Encryption Chip Read / Write
Key Read / Write
Mercedes Infrared Key Read / Write
Remote Frequency Detect
IC Card Read/Write

Important Notice about XP400 Connection:

Autel XP400 Connection

Autel MaxiIM IM608 IMMO Vehicle List:

A1,A3,A4,A5,A6,RS4,B6,B7,RS5,RS6,A4 Allroad,A8,S8,Q3,RSQ3,Q5,Q7,R8,TT,

Alhambra, Altea, Altea, Cordoba, CupraLeon, Exeo, Ibiza, Leon, Mii,Toledo

Citigo,Fabia India,Fabia,Kamiq,Karoq,Octavia,Rapid India,Rapid,Roomster,Superb,Yeti

Amarok,Arteon,Atlas,Beetle,Bora, BoraGli, Caddy, Crafter, EOS, Fox Africa, Fox EU, Fox, GTI, Gol County, Gol(5U), Gol(5W), Golf PLUS, Golf/ Rabbit(1K), Golf6 ESTATE, Jetta, Parati, Passat, Phaeton, Polo, Scirocco, Sharan, Suran, T-Roc, Tiguan, Touareg, Touran, Transporter5/ Multivan, up, UP!/cross UP!

500,500L, 500X prox, Albea, Boxer, Daily, Doblo, Doblo New, Ducato, Egea, Fiorino, Freemont, Idea, Grande punto, Jumper, Linea, Marea, Nemo, Ottimo, Palio, Palio RST, Panda, Perla, Promaster, Punto, Sinea, Stilo, Viaggio

How to Update Autel MaxiIM IM608 Software:

Autel IM608 Update application allows you to download the latest released software.
The updates can improve the MaxiIM applications’ capabilities, typically by adding new tests, new models, or enhanced applications to the database. The Display Tablet automatically searches for available updates for all of the MaxiIM software when it is connected to the internet. Any updates that are found can be downloaded and installed on the device. This section describes installing an update to the MaxiIM System. A notification message displays if an update is available when the Notifications Center function is enabled in the Settings application.

1. Make sure the Display Tablet is connected to a power source with stable access to the internet.
2. Tap the Update application button from the MaxiIM Job Menu; or tap the update notification message when received one; or tap the Update icon on Vehicle Menu in Diagnostics application. The Update application screen displays.
3. Check all available updates:
--If you decide to update all the items of IMMO software, select IMMO Tab and then tap the Update All button; if you want to update all items of diagnostic software, select Diagnose Tab and then tap the Update All button.
-- If you only want to update one or some of the item(s), tap the Update button on the right column of the specific item(s).
4. Tap the Pause button to suspend the updating process. When you tap Continue to renew the update, the updating process will resume from the break point.
5. When the updating process is completed, the firmware will be installed automatically. The previous version will be replaced.

Autel IM608 Software Lastest Update Information:

Feb.2022 Update:

Volvo: Global
1. Adds Add Smart Key, All Smart Keys Lost, Erase Smart Key and Read CEM Security Data functions for models below: XC40 EV (2021), XC60 PHEV (2018-2021), XC90 PHEV (2016-2021), S60 PHEV (2018-2021), and S90 PHEV (2019-2021).
2. Optimizes process for Key Learning and Read CEM Data functions as well as operation guide and schematic diagrams for some systems.

Tata: IMEA
Adds Add Key and All Keys Lost functions for models below:
Blade key: Tigor (BS6), Tiago (BS6), Altroz (BS6), Nexon (BS6), Harrier (BS4), Harrier (BS6), Safari (BS6) and Venture (BS4).
Smart key: Altroz (BS6), Safari (BS6), Nexon (BS6), Harrier (BS4), Harrier (BS6), Tigor (BS6) and Punch (BS6).

1. Adds Read Encrypted BCM2 IMMO Data function for Audi A4/A5/Q5 as of 2013 (version: 0711/0650/0641/0633).
2. Adds Read Encrypted BCM2 IMMO Data function for Audi A6/A7/A8 as of 2013 (version: 0827/0825/0824/0582/0572/0560/0551/0521/0510)

Jan.2022 Update: Toyota IMMO/Lexus/Scion/BMW/Jeep/Ford

Toyota IMMO V3.80:

1. Adds password-free functions including Add Key, Erase Key and All Keys Lost for Agya, Rush and Avanza.
2. Adds Add Key and Erase Key functions for models including C-HR EV, Harrier HV, Highlander HV/Kluger HV, Izoa EV, RAV4 PHV, Sienna HV, Wildlander, Wildlander HV, Wildlander PHV, Yaris Cross and Yaris Cross HV.
3 Adds All Keys Lost (Using G-Box for IMMO Data Backup) function for Camry (89990-06290) with smart key.

IMMO Lexus:

Optimizes software structure.

IMMO Scion:

Optimizes software structure.


1. Adds 46 versions of Read ISN function for B48/B58 ECM
2. Adds 1 version for Back Up Coding function for FEM/BDC
3.Fixes bugs feedback by after-sales service personnel and found in software test.
4. Optimizes server performance

1. Adds 46 versions of Read ISN function for B48/B58 ECM
2. Adds 1 version for Back Up Coding function for FEM/BDC
3.Fixes bugs feedback by after-sales service personnel and found in software test.
4. Optimizes server performance

IMMO Rolls-Royce
1. Adds 46 versions of Read ISN function for B48/B58 ECM
2. Adds 1 version for Back Up Coding function for FEM/BDC
3.Fixes bugs feedback by after-sales service personnel and found in software test.
4. Optimizes server performance

IMMO Chrysler V3.90:

IMMO Chrysler
Optimizes PCM replacement function for Pacifica ECM

1. Adds RFH Replacement function for new IMMO parts for Renegade/Compass.
2. Adds IMMO related functions including Read PIN for Renegade 2021
3. Optimizes PCM replacement function for Cherokee

IMMO Dodge
1. Optimizes Key Learning function for Caravan R/T 2019
2. Optimizes All Keys Lost function for RAM 2006

IMMO Fiat V3.70 

1. Adds guided functions for Fullback 2016-2020 with smart key/blade key and optimizes guided functions for models below:

500 (2006-2017), 500C (2011-2019), Avventura (2014-2018), Bipper (2007-2017),Cinquecento (2007-2020), Doblo(2010-2021), Fiorino (2008-2020), Grand Punto (2005-2014), Mini Cargo(2008-2020), Nemo (2007-2017), New Fiorino (2008-2020), Panda (2011 -2020),Pratico (2010-2020), Promaster City, Punto (2009-2018), Punto Evo (2009-2018) and Qubo (2008-2020).

2. Adds Release Disabled Key function for models below: Albea (2002-2007), Albea

(2008-2013), Croma (2005-2012), Doblo (2000-2003), Doblo (2003-2008), Doblo(2008-2010), Doblo (2008-2020), Idea (2003-2018), Lines (2007-2014), Marea,Ottimo (2014-2017), Palio (2001-2011), Palio Weekend (2002-2019), Panda(2003-2011), Panorama (2001-2010), Perla, Petra, Punto (1999-2017), Siena(2001-2016), Stilo (2000-2007), Strada (1999-2020), Viaggio (2011-2017) and Zastava 10 (2005-2008).

3. Adds parts replacement function for models below: Freemont (2011-2017),Ottimo (2014-2017) and Viaggio (2011-2017).

4. Adds IMMO related functions

IMMO Ford Mazda V3.90

Immo Mazda
Optimizes vehicle IMMO information

1. Adds Parameter Reset function for models below:
Ford Edge 2015-2020 for USA/Aisa, Ford Ranger 2015-2021 for USA, Lincoln MKX 2016-, Lincoln MKC 2015- and Lincoln Continental 2017-
2. Supports IMMO function for Lincoln Corsair up to 2022
3. Optimizes automatic selection via VIN
4. Optimizes vehicle IMMO information

1. Optimizes automatic selection via VIN
2. Optimizes vehicle IMMO information


IMMO Skoda
1. Adds Redd IMMO Data function for 7GV ECM and obtain IMMO Data by Reading ECU Data via  Dump function for 9GV ECM, both for Magneti Marelli.
2. Optimizes All Keys Lost (via Dump) function for IMMO 4 CAN instrument cluster in Expert mode.
3. Adds texts in some languages including Russian, Spanish, French, Japanese, Portuguese, German and Italian.

IMMO Volkswagen
1. Adds Read IMMO Data function for 2 software versions for IMMO 4 instrument cluster (part number: 5ND920873B) for Tiguan.
2. Adds Read IMMO Data function for 7GV ECM and Obtain IMMO Data by Reading ECU Data via Dump function for 9GV ECM both for Magneti Marelli.
3. Optimizes All Keys Lost (via Dump) function for IMMO 4 CAN instrument cluster.
4. Adds texts in some languages including Russian, Spanish, French, Japanese, Portuguese, German and Italian.

1. Adds Read IMMO Data encrypted via Programmer and automatically Save IMMO Data function for IMMO5 BCM2
2. Fixes IMMO Data reading failure in Smart mode for Q3 2012-2019
3. Optimizes All Keys Lost (via Dump) function for IMMO 4 CAN instrument cluster
4. Adds texts in some languages including Russian, Spanish, French, Japanese, Portuguese, German and Italian.

IMMO Bentley
Adds texts in some languages including Russian, Spanish, French, Japanese, Portuguese, German and Italian.

1. Adds Redd IMMO Data function for 7GV ECM and obtain IMMO Data by Reading ECU Data via  Dump function for 9GV ECM, both for Magneti Marelli.
2. Optimizes All Keys Lost (via Dump) function for IMMO 4 CAN instrument cluster in Expert mode.
3. Adds texts in some languages including Russian, Spanish, French, Japanese, Portuguese, German and Italian.

Immo Program Version number V3.80
Release date 1 /6/2022

1. Key read & write: Optimizes information identification for PCF7935 key chip, adds Make Dealer Key with KD Key function, and optimizes Make Dealer Key with 4A Key function.
2. Chip read & write: Adds read & write function for ix25 immobilizer for Hyundai, adds read & write function for 9GV ECM for VW,
3. Adds read & write function for IMMO modules for Soueast DX7, and adds read & write function for MPC5J53xx series chips.

June.2021 Global Update: Add Fiat,BMW,Ford,Mazda IMMO


Adds Key Learning for Blade Key Function for 500X (2018-2020)


Supports New Software Version (swfl_00002419_085_010_080) for Key Learning Function for FEM/BDC Immobilizer System. [Global Initial Launch]
Adds 196 Software Versions, Supporting Read ISN (OBD Mode) Function for B48/B58 Engine. [Global Initial Launch]


Adds Parameter Reset Function for Following Models for USA: C-MAX with Blade Key (2013-2015), Focus with Smart Key (2015- 2018), Escape with Smart Key (2017-2018), F-150 (2015-2020), F- 250 (2017-2019), F-350 (2017-2019) and F-Series Super Duty (2017-2019)
Adds Key Learning (Bypass PIN) Function for Bronco Sport with Smart Key (2021-) for USA
Adds Key Learning (Bypass PIN) Function for Following Models for USA: CX-5 (2021-), CX-9 (2021-), CX-3 (2021-) and Mazda 6 (2021-)

May.2021 Update:

1."Read PIN”function for Opel engine A12XER, A14XER and A16XER
2.All keys lost of transponder 47 smart card function for Mitsubishi
3.All keys lost of transponder 8A function for Subaru
4.Add key without PIN function for Nissan Sylphy
5.All keys lost function for VW MQB system
6.Read immo data by programmer’ function for Porsche Cayenne 2008+
7.Key learning function for Smart series and "All keys lost" for Smart 453
8."Write key to ECU by programmer" function for 1323 models

April.2021 Update:

GM China

1. Adds 'Add key' and 'All keys lost' functions for 2020-2021 models: CT4, CT5 and Envision S.


1. Adds 'Immo status scan' function.
2. Adds 'Read immobilizer password' function for engine Z20DTH, X16XE and X16SRZ.
3. Optimizes 'Read immobilizer password' function for K-line ECM.
4. Optimizes the menu.


1. Adds 'Vehicle immo information' function for old CKE model and some new models

Autel MaxiIM IM608 vs. IM508 Comparison Chart:

Autel MaxiIM IM608 VS IM508

Autel MaxiIM IM608 Main Unit Overviews:

Autel MaxiIM IM608 Main Unit Overviews

1.10.1-inch LCD Capacitve Touchscreen
2.Ambient Light Sensor-detects ambient brightness.
3.Power LED-indicates battery level & charging or system status.
5.Collapsible Stand-extends from the back to allow hands-free viewing of the Display Tablet
6.Built-in Bttery
8.Camera Lens
9.Camera Flash
10.DC Power Supply Input Port
11.Headphone Jack
12.USB Port
13.HDMI (high-definition multimedia interface) Port
14.USB Port
15.Mini USB Port
16.Lock/Power Button-turns the evice on & off with long press,or locks the screen with short press.

Autel MaxiIM IM608 Specifications:
Operation System Android 4.4.2,KitKat
Processor Samsung Exynos hex-core Processor(1.3GHz Quad-core ARM Cortex-A7+1.7GHz Dual-core ARM Cortex-A15)
Memory 2GB RAM & 64 GB On-board Menory
Display 10.1-inch LED capacitive touch screen with 1920*1200 resolution
Wi-Fi(802.11 a/b/g/n/ac)
USB 2.0
Connectivity BT v.2.1+EDR
SD Card (Support up to 32GB)
Camera(rear) 8.0 Megapixel,AF with Flashlight
Sensors Gravity Accelerometer,Ambient Light Sensor (ALS)
Audio input/output Microphone Dual Speakers 3-Band 3.5mm stereo/standard headset jack
Power and Battery Charging via 12V AC/DC power supply with the temperature between 0℃ to 45℃
Input Voltage 12V (9-24V)
Power Consumption 6.5W
Operating Temp 0℃ to 50℃ (32 to 122℉)
Storage Temp -20℃ to 60℃ (-4 to 140℉)
Dimensions(W*H*D) 300mm(11.81")x220.0mm(8.66")x50.0mm(1.97")
Weight NW:1.42kg(3.13lb.)    GW:8.655kg(19.08lb)
Protocols: ISO9141-2,ISO14230-2,ISO15765-4,K/L-line,Flashing code,SAE-J1850 VPW,SAE-J1850PWN,CAN ISO11898,Highspeed,Middlespeed,Lowspeed and Singlewire CAN,GM,GM UART,UART Echo Byte Protocol,Honda Diag-H Protocol,TP2.0,TP1.6SAE J1939,SAE J1708,Fault-Tolerant CAN

Autel MaxiIM IM608 Packing List:

1x Autel MaxiIM IM608 Main Unit
1x APC101 USB Cable
1x APA101 Signal Cable
1x MaxiFlash JVCI
1x APB101+APD101(EEPROM Adaptor+EEPROM Adapter Shell)
1x APA103(EEPROM Clamp)
1x XP400
1x APB102 MB IR Cable
1x APA104 ECU Clamp
1x Main Cable
1x APB104(MCU_FQFP64)
1x APA105(MCU Clamp)
1x USB Cable (2m)
1x APB105 MCU_FQFP80
1x APA106(MC9S12 Clamp)
1x Mini USB Cable
1x APB106(MCU_FQFP144)
1x APA107(Connect Cable)
1x AC/DC 12V Adapter
1x APB107(MCU_FQFP144)
1x Quick Reference Guide
2x Light Fuse 6*30mm
1x APB108(MCU_FQFP176)
1x Packing List
1x Cigarette Lighter
1x APA002(EEPROM Socket)
1x Carrying Case 634*170*404mm
1x AAC001
autel im608 packing list

v1.26 pcm tuner
Launch X431 PAD VII PAD 7

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Autel MaxiIM IM608 Unboxing

Technischer Service

Product Autel IM508 Autel IM608 AuroOtosys IM100 AuroOtosys IM600
Smart Mode(Guided and Automated Key Learning Function)
Expert Mode(Advanced Key Learning)    
Auto Detect Make/Model/Year/System
Read Pin/CS
Read Pin/CS(All Key Lost)
Key Generation    
Key Learning
IMMO ECU Reset/Adaption
IMMO ECU Refresh/Coding
Remote Learning
Backup/Restore IMMO Data    
Audi Q5/A4/A5 2015-2017
Read Pin/CS
BMW FEM/BDC Key Learning and Adaption  
Mercedes Key Learning    
Benz 3rd Generation IMMO Add Key,All Key Lost,Key Learning      
BMW FEM/BDC Key Learning and ECU Adaption    
BMW CAS4/3/2 Key Learning CAS4 Available when Connected to XP400    
VW/Audi MQB(VDO & JCI)Add Key,IMMO V A4/A5/Q5 2015+ Key Learning      
VW/Audi/Skoda/Seat IMMO III/IV/V Add Key,All Key Lost    
Key Read/ Write    
EEPROM Read/ Write
MCU Read/ Write Basic Advanced Basic Advanced
ECU  Read/ Write When Connected to XP400    
MC9S12 Encryption Chip Read/ Write When Connected to XP400    
IC Card Read/ Write When Connected to XP400 N/A
Mercedes Infrared Key Read/ Write When Connected to XP400 N/A
Remote Frequency Detect When Connected to XP400 N/A
Support PC When Connected to XP400    
OE-Level Diagnostics
All System for Over 80 Markes and Models N/A
AutoVIN/ Auto Scan    
Read/ Erase Codes    
View, Record, Playback Live Data    
View Freeze Frame Data    
Shop and Data Manager Application    
MaxiFlash JVCI ECU Reprogrammer(Bluetooth/ USB Cable) N/A N/A
Advanced Service Functions
Oil Serive Reset
Parking Brake Pad Relearn After Replacement
Steering Angle Sensor Relearn
Battery Registration and Reset
Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration
Tire Pressure Monitoring System Sensor ID Relearn
ECU Coding N/A N/A
VW/Audi Component Protection     N/A
Complete Service Functions N/A N/A
Tool Features
Built-in Rechargeable Lion Battery 5000 mAh 15000 mAh 5000 mAh 15000 mAh
Internet Updatable Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Wi-Fi
Multilingual Support
Touchscreen 7-Inch 10.1-Inch 7-Inch 10.1-Inch
Memory 32GB 64GBP 32GB 64GBP
Processor Cortex-A9 Processor Cortex A7+A15 Six-Core Processor Quad-Core Processor Hexa-Core Processor
Camera N/A 8.0 Megapixel N/A 8.0 Megapixel
Resoluton 1024×600 1920×1200 1024×600 1920×1200
Note: XP400 can be pruchased separately
Some listed functions are manufacture dependent. Constantly update MaxiIM for current vehicle coverage. Update software regularly for most accurate tool features. 
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