2 Years Free Update Original Launch X431 Pros Star Elite X-431 Pro Ecu Coding Oe-Level Full Systems Diagnostics 31+Service Auto Diagnostic Scanner Tool

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X-431 PRO STAR is an 8-inch smart car diagnostic device with diagnostic cable inherits the functions and advantages of the X-431V/X-431 PRO Elite/X-431 PROS Elite product, which can cover more than 99% of the cars on the market. Based on Android 10.0 system, it adopts 2.0Ghz 4-core high-efficiency processor, 4GB RAM+64GB ROM large storage, and is equipped with a high-endurance battery 6000mAh, which runs faster, more stably and lasts longer.
Original Launch X431 Pros Star Elite X-431 Pro Ecu Coding Obd2 Auto Diagnostic Scanner Tools For Cars

X-431 PRO STAR is an 8-inch smart car diagnostic device with diagnostic cable inherits the functions and advantages of the X-431V/X-431 PRO Elite/X-431 PROS Elite product, which can cover more than 99% of the cars on the market. Based on Android 10.0 system, it adopts 2.0Ghz 4-core high-efficiency processor, 4GB RAM+64GB ROM large storage, and is equipped with a high-endurance battery 6000mAh, which runs faster, more stably and lasts longer.
Launch X-431 Pro Star

Launch X-431 Pro Star Advanced Feature

1.Cheaper Price: X431 PRO STAR is an upgrade based on X-431V/X-431 PRO Elite/X-431 PROS Elite, Same functions,but price is cheaper!
2.Advanced ECU Coding: Top-level coding functions provide Online Coding, Online Calibration, Online Parameterization, Component Matching, Personalization, Modification & Retrofit, PMI Functions, etc.
4.31 Reset Functions: One LAUNCH scan tool is enough for common repairs. 32 services combine hot reset with full car supports and most needed special functions for specific cars.
5.Top-level Configuration with Faster Speed: Android 10.0, 2.0 GHz 4-Core CPU, 4GB RAM, 64GB ROM, 8” Touchscreen, 2.4 & 5 GHz WiFi, 6000mAh Battery, 8MP Rear Camera
6.Bi-directional Control: Operate various active tests to locate module trouble in minutes.
7.V.A.G Guided Functions: Professional step-by-step instructions do not need your repair skill, which guide you to solve problems perfectly.
8.Support CANFD & DoIP protocols: Communicate more car models and run faster diagnostics.
9.Key Programming: Work with X-PROG3 Programmer.
10.Expanded Supports: X431 TSGUN, Launch VSP-600 Videoscope, BST360 battery tester, X431 WIFI Printer, etc.
11.Quick Vehicle Identification: Auto VIN Technology.
12. FCA SGW Car Access: Compatible with Fiat, Chrysler, Alfa Romeo, etc.
13.Remote Diagnostics & Diagnostic Feedback.
14.10000 Car Coverage, Serve Global 98% Cars.
15.Support Multiple Languages
Launch X-431 Pro Star function

Launch X-431 Pro Star supported language

Powerful Oe-Level Full Systems Diagnostics

You can easily get the VIN information of the car, and do a full scan for your car & get a diagnostic health report.It provides full system diagnostics for a wide range of vehicle systems, including ECM, TCM, ABS, SRS, BCM, and more. This capability allows it to perform tasks such as reading and erasing codes, viewing live data, and retrieving ECU information across multiple systems. Full range car models and full car system diagnose make it a professional automotive diagnostic tool.
These special functions include but are not limited to:

1.ABS Bleeding
* This function must be executed to remove air from the ABS system, restoring brake sensitivity.
2.TPMS Reset
* Essential for resetting the tire pressure monitoring system after changes such as tire replacement, sensor damage, or low tire pressure.
3.Oil Lamp Reset
* Resets the engine oil life system after an oil change, ensuring accurate tracking of oil lifespan.
4.Electronic Throttle Sensor Reset
* Initializes the throttle actuator to reset the ECU learning value back to its default state.
5.Injector Coding
* Ensures that each cylinder can correctly identify its injector, necessary after replacing the ECU or injectors.
6.SAS Reset
* Clears faulty steering angle sensor memories and recalibrates the steering angle sensor.
7.Brake-pad Reset
* Activates and deactivates brake control systems, assists with brake fluid control, and sets brakes post replacement of discs or pads.
8.Gear Learning
* Required after replacing the engine ECU, crankshaft position sensor, or crankshaft flywheel to ensure proper functioning.
9.IMMO Service
* Matches keys to the car's immobilizer system to prevent unauthorized vehicle use, crucial after replacing or reprogramming keys.
10.Battery Matching
* Resets the battery monitoring unit to clear fault information after replacing or charging the battery.
11.DPF Regeneration
* Clears particulate matter from the diesel particulate filter, maintaining its efficiency.
12.EGR Adaption
* Relearns the EGR valve settings after cleaning or replacement.
13.Suspension Matching
* Adjusts and calibrates the body height sensor in the air suspension system following sensor or control module replacements.
14.NOx Sensor Reset
* Resets the learned values of the NOx catalytic converter stored in the engine ECU after replacing the converter.
15.Tire Reset
* Configures the vehicle for new or modified tires by setting the size parameters.
16.Windows Calibration
* Matches door windows to restore initial ECU memory settings.
17.Stop-start Reset
* Adjusts the automatic Start/Stop feature settings via the ECU, provided the vehicle supports this function.
18.AC Initialization
* Reinitializes the AC system following ECU or actuator replacements or memory loss.
19.AdBlue Reset
* Necessary after refilling or replacing diesel exhaust fluid (urea).
20.AFS Headlamp Reset
* Initializes adaptive front lighting systems to ensure proper operation.
21.A/F Reset
* Sets or relearns air/fuel ratio parameters for optimized engine performance.
22.Gearbox Reset
* Completes gearbox self-learning to improve gear-shifting quality and performance.
23.Coolant Bleeding
* Activates the electronic water pump for efficient bleeding of the cooling system.
24.Transport Reset
* Deactivates transport mode to restore normal vehicle operations, reducing power consumption during transit.
25.Seat Calibration
* Matches replaced or repaired seats with memory functions for optimal positioning.
26.High Voltage Battery Detection
* Diagnoses and detects the status of high-voltage batteries.
27.Sunroof Initialization
* Adjusts sunroof settings for proper operation, including locking, closing during rain, and memory functions.
28.Engine Power Balance Monitoring
* Monitors crankshaft acceleration in each cylinder's power stroke to evaluate relative power contributions.
29.Language Change
* Alters the system language of the vehicle’s center console, requiring a specific language pack.
31.Gas Particulate Filter (GPF) Regeneration
* Regenerates or replaces the GPF to maintain engine performance and reduce fuel consumption.
31.Intelligent Cruise Control System Reset
* Matches the intelligent cruise control module following replacement or repair.
Launch X-431 Pro Star functions
Powerful!Bi-Directional Control And Ecu Coding
The Launch X431 PRO STAR Bi-directional Scan Tool has been enhanced with new features while retaining its powerful functions,enabling mechanics and repair shops to solve 99% of vehicle issues quickly and accurately.
Key Features:
1. Bi-Directional Control (Adds 4000+ Active Tests)
* This commonly used function allows mechanics to save significant time and handle more jobs daily. The intelligent diagnostic scanner can send commands to ECUs, read data, and monitor actuator operations. By performing bi-directional operations, it quickly verifies if specific systems, components, or subsystems are functioning properly. The tool can activate various vehicle-specific systems and components like relays, injectors, coils, solenoid valves, and actuators.This feature significantly reduces diagnostic time, enabling issues to be identified within 10 minutes, whether they are in the controls or the vehicle system itself. Examples include turning lights on/off, sounding the horn, controlling oil pressure, adjusting vehicle level position, operating inlet and outlet valves, and testing wheel speed sensors.

2. Advanced ECU Coding & Offline/Online Coding
* The X431 PRO STAR supports advanced ECU coding for a wider range of car models, including both old and new models without additional cost. This function allows the tool to match, learn, or code newly replaced ECUs, update vehicle ECU software,and enable or disable hidden features (e.g., seat belt beep, daylight running lights). It also matches certain components after repairs or replacements and reprograms adaptive data for enhanced efficiency and customization, meeting diverse customer needs and improving work efficiency for professional mechanics.

* Time Efficiency: By providing bi-directional control and advanced coding capabilities, the X431 PRO STAR allows mechanics to diagnose and fix issues more quickly.
* Comprehensive Functionality: Supports a wide range of tests and coding functions, covering a vast array of vehicle models.
* Customization: Enables mechanics to tailor vehicle settings and functionalities to customer preferences.

Examples of Active Tests:
* Turning lights on/off
* Sounding the horn
* Controlling oil pressure
* Adjusting vehicle level position
* Operating inlet and outlet valves
* Testing wheel speed sensors
* Activating the fuel pump
* Cycling the A/C clutch
* Calibrating dynamic camera aiming
* Performing brake vacuum pump tests

(Note: The availability of these functions varies by car model, with numerous actuation test functions provided.)

When Do You Need ECU Coding?
* Replacement of Parts: ECU coding is required after replacing control units, faulty actuators, or specific parts. This ensures
the new parts are recognized and stored by the ECU. Systems like TCM, ECM, EPB, BMS, SAS, and others can be coded using this
scanner. Always read and record the original module's information before coding.

Why Choose Launch X431 PRO STAR?
* Versatile Functionality:
Similar to other high-end LAUNCH X431 OE-level scan tools, the LAUNCH X431 PRO STAR offers several advanced functions:
* Recode Changed Modules: Update and synchronize new modules with the vehicle.
* Re-Flash Hidden Functions: Unlock and activate hidden vehicle features.
* Renew ECU Coordination: Reprogram ECU for optimal performance.
* Optimize Adaptive Data: Improve adaptive data settings for better vehicle performance.
* Enhance Fuel Efficiency: Adjust settings to improve fuel consumption.
* Reduce Power Loss: Fine-tune the vehicle to reduce mechanical wear and power loss.

* ECU Coding Options:
* Online ECU Coding: Access online repair data for advanced repairs.
* Offline ECU Coding: Transfer codes from the original module to the new one.

* Unlock Hidden Features:
Activate functions not typically available to standard users, such as:
* Changing interior light colors
* Adjusting fuel consumption calculations
* Enabling/disabling safety features
* Customizing driving and comfort settings

* Component Matching: Match, learn, and initialize adaptive data after module repairs or replacements.
* Customization Options: Add or modify features to personalize your vehicle, including:
* Interior light color changes
* Auto hold and auto start-stop settings
* Dash kit customization
* Auto side mirror folding
* Speed limit adjustments

* Fuel Efficiency Improvements: Solutions for drivability issues, power loss, and fuel efficiency enhancements, including adding features like satellite navigation, courtesy lights, car phones, reversing radar, and atmosphere lights.

* Adaptive Data Reprogramming: Adjust adaptive data for components after repairs or replacements. Note that some functions may
not be applicable to all vehicle models.

Powerful! More Extended Functions Make Work Easier (Sold Separately)
1. X431 ADAS Moblie/ ADAS PRO: Calibrate a wide range of camera-based & radar-based driver assistance systems
2. X431 Printer (Print out diagnostic data/ reports.)
3. Launch VSP-600 Video Scope: Check unseen parts and give you a direct image of the engine, gears, compressors, headers and valves, and body components.
4. LAUNCH X431 O2-2 Oscilloscope Scopebox and Launch X-431 Sensorbox S2-2
5. BST360 battery tester.: For Battery Cranking system Test, Battery Charging system Test, Battery Health Test.
Launch X-431 Pro Star
Cover 99% Global Car 100000+ Vehicles Supports
American cars:
European car:

Asian cars:

Chinese car:

(Due to regional and system updates, car models may differ, please contact customer service for confirmation!)

Package List
1PC * X431 PRO STAR car diagnostic scanner host
1PC * Power adaptor
2PC * Switching adaptor
1PC * Type-A to Type-C USB cable
1PC* Diagnostic line
1PC * Password envelope
1PC * Quick start guide
1PC * User manual
Launch X-431 Pro Star Package List

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