Original Tango V112.1 Key Programmer with Basic Software

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Tango programmer is a new generation of transponder programmer which is developed to cover, read, write and generate the latest transponders used in the latest vehicle immobilizer technologies. New function for reading the Kilometers, VIN and transponder type for all BMW keys was added to the BMW software module! Immo pin code is also displayede for some car models. With this programmer you can generate images for many different original transponders like Philips ID33, Philips Crypto for different ID's and Texas crypto!

Original TANGO Key Programmer With Basic Software Update Online

Top 3 Reasons To Get Tango Key Programmer:

1. Original

2. Free Update Online

3. Latest Version: 112.1



1. After buy it, you will need to connect to the official website and update within 28 days, or it will get locked

2. If you want to get authorization for special functions or cars, please refer to this website

3. After generating a new transponder with TANGO Programmer, you will not need any additional diagnostic equipment to program the generated transponder to the car! It will start the car directly, even on new FIAT CODE 2 system, also used in PSA Group vehicles! Only you have to write the new file back into the immobilizer system!

4. If your Tango already get G chip authorization, it can only generate G chip 10 times per day.


Tango Key Programmer Hardware:


The device has an ergonomic design with high mechanical characteristics of IP65 class conforming to the DIN EN 60529 standard

1.Enclosure is made of 3mm ABS-plastics with a rubber shock-proof damping seal which simultaneously is a decor element

2.Power is derived from the USB cable, so does not require an external power source

3.The TANGO uses a specifc type of driver, which avoids con?icts with other devices working through virtual ports

4.The hardware design accommodates keys and transponders of all sizes

5.Dimensions: length 160mm; width 80mm; height 50-30mm

Tango Key Programmer Update Information:



Tango Maker Help File Update Updated Tango Maker Help file requires Tango software version 112.1 



Tango Software v1.112 Tango software added (online update)

Added new transponder MEGAMOS AES

Toyota key maker: new menu item AUTODETECT

Key maker Kia Sportage 2008- (MPC5xx,HITAG)

Key maker Hyundai Sonata 2008- (MPC5xx,HITAG)

Key maker Renault Fluence III 2012- (NEC850,HITAG)*

Key maker Renault Megane III 2012- (NEC850,HITAG)*

Fixed some bugs, incl. PCF7930-35

Tango Update 1.110.1 Software:

[+]    SLK-05 Transponder launched! Supports Toyota’s SmartKey AES

          (Page1  39)emulation. This feature allows to start an engine, to          

          Learn new  keys.

[+]    TangoPlus for Toyota V6.5

          True Emulation via OBD of all SmartKeys Page1  39*

          The only right conception to solve the “All Keys Lost”problem.          

[+]   Image generator Toyota Page1  39 on SLK-05.The generated

          Transpinder is fully compatible to Toyota requirements that A          

          Customer is able to learn it vla OBD.*          

[+]   Cloning Toyota SmartKey 128BIT(Page1  39) to SLK-05*          

[+]   Key maker  BCM2 Audi A4/A5/Q5(95320,PCF7945AC)*          

[+]   Key maker  BCM2 Audi A4/A5/Q5(NEC,PCF7945AC)*          

[+]   Key maker  Ford Transit 2017-(NEC,DST80)*          

[+]    Improved  Toyota Certification ECU maker: compatibility for keys   Page1  39          

[+]    Improved  operations with PCF7930,31,35. Now it is possible to make  Individual settings to each type  of  transponders.


V1.106.0 Tango Software Newly Added (Free Online Update):

[+] Techtream calculator: v9.30, v10.10

[+] Key maker Citroen Jumper 2012-(95640,HITAG)*

[+] Key maker Isuzu NPR 2007-(93C56,HITAG)

[+] Key maker Peugeot 206 2001- (95160,HITAG)

[+] Key maker Peugeot Partner 2002- (95160,HITAG)

[+] Image generator Chevrolet Spark (ID8E)

[+] Cloning of Toyota and Subaru 80 bit Keys**

[+] Added transponders CN2, CN5 to the Clone mode

V1.103 Tango Software Added (Online Update)

Key maker Toyota Yaris 2004 (93C56,4C)*

Key maker Kia Soul 2008- (TC1762,HITAG)

Key maker Isuzu KB250 2004- (93C66,4D)

Key maker Mitsubishi Fuso Canter 2009- (93C66,4D)

Key maker Fiat Ducato 2012- (95640,HITAG)*

Key maker Fiat Burstner Viseo 2011- (95640,HITAG)*

Key maker Kawasaki Denso ECU 21175-0811 (93C86,ID4D)

Key maker Peugeot Boxer 2012- (95640,HITAG)*

Key maker Peugeot Manager 2013 (95160,HITAG)*

Key maker Renault Latitude 2010- (9S12, HITAG)*

Key maker Renault Safrane 2010- (9S12, HITAG)*

Key maker Renault Samsung SM5 2010- (9S12, HITAG)*

Key maker VW New Betle (9S12, ID48EMU)

Dump maker BCM2 (95320,NEC)*

Image generator Great Wall ID40

Format Megamos48

Fixed bug EDC17 Dump editor


Tango Key Programmer Supported Transponders


Philips Transponders: 

PCF7930-31 writing, reading

PCF7935 writing, reading, shadow memory, crypto calculator

PCF7936 writing, reading, modes password, crypto, Manchester & Biphase encodings

PCF7941 transponder, remote, eeprom, Manchester & Biphase encodings

PCF7942 transponder, remote, eeprom, Manchester & Biphase encodings

PCF7943 transponder, remote, Manchester & Biphase encodings

PCF7944 transponder, remote, eeprom, Manchester & Biphase encodings

PCF7945 transponder, remote, eeprom, Manchester & Biphase encodings

PCF7946 transponder, remote, Manchester & Biphase encodings

PCF7947 transponder, remote, eeprom, Manchester & Biphase encodings

PCF7952 transponder, remote, eeprom, Manchester & Biphase encodings

PCF7961 transponder, remote, Manchester & Biphase encodings

Auto switching between PCF7936-PCF7961 windows if invalid type detected.

Autodetect manchester / biphase

Temic Transponders:

Temic 11 reading , writing to T5

Temic 12 reading , writing to T5

Megamos Transponders:

Megamos (13) reading , writing to T5 , emulating on PCF7930-35

Megamos (48) reading, writing, PIN, unlock by PIN, full range of memory contents, crypto calculation

Megamos CRYPTO-2 (8E) read ID, read/write EEPROM, write Cryptokey

Texas Transponders:

Tiris (4C) reading

Tiris (4D) DST crypto reading, writing, crypto calculator

Tiris (4E) DST crypto reading, writing, crypto calculator

Tiris (8C) reading


TK5551M (T5 replacement)

SAAB reading , writing to T5

The product is in working out stages, therefore the list of the supported transponders will be developed later.

Key Maker Usage.

Key maker usage consists of a four steps. The 4-th step is additional and depends on a vehicle model.

1. Open an immobilizer dump file.

2. Choose number of the key you want create.

3. Place a transponder into the coil and click the WRITE button.

4. In some cases the program asks you to save a modified immobilizer dump. This dump must to be written into the immobilizer.

First of all, take a look at this picture.  The "Loaded File" window displays the immobilizer file name. Ensure that a valid dump is stored. The "Maker" window displays selected maker name. Ensure the right key maker selected.

The "info" windows display an important information:

1. Original transponder---Informs you about type of the original transponder

2. Allowed transponder---Informs you what type of transponders is suitable for the key maker

3. Data location---The immobilizer memory may be stored in various chips, the description informs you about from where you have to read a dump. Some immobilizers can have various chipsets. In this case the field displays several possible chips. Find one of them inside of the immobilizer and read it.

4. Data size---Each chip has certain memory size, the key maker accepts files with the described size.

5. Data format---This field appears in case of 93CXX eeprom seria.

There are two standards of data layout:

Intel format and Motorola format or Little Endian and Big Endian respectively.

The data layout depends on a chip-programmer that is used for eeprom reading.This field informs you what kind of format is suitable for the key maker.Usually you can see that both formats are suitable. It means that the program can understand any data layout.



How to use Tango Key Programmer


Firstly, run the key maker interface according to the vehicle and read information in the "Info" window. Watch theData location field describes the memory chip. Find out the chip inside of the immobilizer and read it. Save the read data (dump).

Click the "OPEN IMMOBILIZER FILE" button and load the saved dump.

The program will analyse the dump.

If the dump is correct the "WRITE" button will become active and the "Keys" window will display the range of key numbers that can be created.

Take a look at the "Info" window, the Allowed transponder field.

Ensure you use a transponder exactly the indicated type.

Place the transponder into the coil.

Choose the key position you want create in the "Keys" window.

Click the "WRITE" button.

This starts the writing process and transponder will be stored with the appropriate data.

At this point you may be asked to save a new immobilizer dump.

The program displays a standard File Save dialog where you have to save the data.

After this you will be informed about the new data saved and must be written into the immobiliser.

Write the new dump into the immobilizer. Now it is ready to operate with the created transponder.If you are not asked to save a new file, it means that immobilizer is ready to operate with the created transponder without file replacing.


1. ABS plastic enclosure: ingress protection  IP65/DIN EN 60529

2. Rubber seal: prevents sliding on a workbench shock-proof function

3. USB connection:  no external power

4. Big hole:  adopted to large keys

5. Three small holes:  adopted to various sizes of transponders

Tango Key Programmer FAQ:


Q: Hardware not found after install the software and driver, how to solve it?

A: You need to install the software v1.83 first, then v1.84, next v1.85(install the software from older to newer)


Q: Tango key programmer support update for free or not?

A: Update free You need to connect the official website to update once within 28 days, otherwise the machine will be blocked. If you need special function or work it on special car model, you need to pay for it, you can check specific cost online


Q: I reprogram a BMW key, if I can delete the reprogrammed key with Tango?

A: No, it do not support this function


Q: Is there tokens limitation for Tango? Is there any extra cost, such as update cost?

A: There is no tokens limitation for Tango. Software update online for free. But if you need special function, or want to work it on special car model, you need to pay money to open the authorization


Q: Do you have Tango user manual?

A: You can check Tango user manual in the menu after software installation



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