Wie erweitere ich die Speicherkapazität des Launch X431 von 32 GB auf 128 GB?

Confirmed: Launch X431 scan tool (i.e X431 VX431 V+ etc) allow the user to expand the storage capacity from 32GB to 128GB.


Next part is about how to use TF card to extend memory in X431 V:



  1. Launch X431 V (for example)
  2. One TF card: Over 8 gigabyte (GB), with the speed of Class 10 (which is over 10 megabyte per second).
  3. One screwdriver


Simple procedure:

  1. take off the plastic protection sleeve from its backside.


  1. Remove all the screws.

Expand Launch X431 Storage Capacity 02


  1. Set aside the back cover and take out the tablet.


  1. There is a TF card socket at the right side of the tablet where we insert the TF card.

Expand Launch X431 Storage Capacity 03


  1. Start up the tablet.

Open “Setting” and choose “Storage”.

Click on “SD card”, here we need to set it up first, so choose “Set up”.

Choose “Used as internal storage”;

Next is “Erase and format”, it takes a few minutes in this step;

Next is to choose “Move now”, it takes a few minutes according to the data size.

Expand Launch X431 Storage Capacity 04


  1. Job is done. Launch X431 V successfully used TF card to extend the internal storage, and the procedure is applied to X431 V+ and any other X431 tools.

Good luck!