Launch X431 comparation lists

Launch X431 comparation lists: Launch X431 vechicel coverage,Launch X431 usege,Launch X431 similarities,Launch X431 differences,Launch X431 FAQ
Check the attachment about "Launch X431 vechicle coverage.pdf ".

Launch X431 vechicel coverage, Launch X431 usege, Launch X431 similarities and differences

Launch X431 vechicel coverage
Check "Launch X431 vechicel coverage" in the Related Download Files.

Launch X431 usege
After our customer buy one X431 Scanner, we will teach them how to install step by step, until they can do it by themselves or we offer some related video to teach them how to use it.
Launch X431 GX3 usage vedio:

Launch X431 similarities
1)We are available with x431 master Original, X431diagun,x431GX3,X431 TOOL,X431 Heavy-duty.
Launch X431 tools cover almost all the domestic cars and the imported ones from Asia, Europe and America.
2) Support almost all the main language in the world.
3) one year free updated.
4)X431diagun, x431 master original, Launch X431 GX3,X431 Tool are all flat touch screen.
5)X431diagun, x431 master original, Launch X431 GX3,X431 Tool,X431 Heavy-duty test almost the following four functions:
Read fault code
Erase fault code
Read data stream
Actuation test

Launch X431 differences
1) X-431 Heavy Duty is designed to cover heavy duty diesel & gasline vehicle models of 12V & 24V voltage.
2) X431diagun & X431 TOOL support Bluetooth technology covering about 100 meters.
X431 Master is the latest model of Launch X-431 series diagnostic tool.Been sold world wide for decade, X-431 series won a high reputation for its wide range of vehicles and full functions of its software. Based on the X-431, the Master gets a new structure and better design; also the hardware is upgraded. X431 Master was released to the world wide market on 1st September, 2009.
Inheriting from x-431 series, the X431 Master gets the open operating system: the highest level of automotive diagnostic technology in the world; function of read DTCs, read DataStream, actuation test, sensor waveform display and ECU coding as well as the PDA functions. It is easier and more convenient to operate than X-431 based on the smart design.

The advantages of X431master compared to X-431:
1. Integrated design, combining the smartbox, miniprinter and main unit, a new designed and cover made from high quality materials to stand in a new market.
2. Add the strap to the side face; easy to carry and ergonomical to use.
3. The new smartbox add the The X431MASTER has a new connector to replace all CAN Bus and OBD Connector called OBDII 16E connector, which would be OK to test most of the vehicles.
4. Upgrade the hardware and communication modules, safer and faster communication with cars than X431 by intergraded design to save time in work.
5. No more downloading of the diagnostic/communication software, start diagnosis program directly.
6. 10.8V-40V operating voltage capability is added to work with different kind of batteries.

Launch X431 customer question:

Question: x431 cost me 1800 usd but x431 cost me 1100 usd
which is better to buy for outside china
x431 has 1 year updates
does anyone has problems with updates ,device locked?

Answer:GX3 is for local Chinese and Malaysian markets only, x431 Master is for rest of the world.Mine is a GX3 & I use it in America. No problem, come with selectable languages. GX3 also has English language, any other languages. Full software list, full set connectors.

A friend of mine is looking into buying some professional diagnostic kits to help out the dad in the garage. He had a few sales reps around and tried out a few in the market: A "Launch X-431", a "Delphi" PDA type thing which was shit, and a "Wurth diagnostic system" (which consisted of PC based software "Wurth Online World: WOW" and a Bluetooth OBD transceiver "snooper box" which seemed a bit like old technology tbh)
The best he found out the lot was the wurth wow and the Launch X-431. He found that both could do pretty much all the tasks that he needed to do (program new key codes, airbags etc). However, the Launch X-431 costs over 3k euros and subscriptions of 690 a year. Similarly the Wurth kit costs 1.5k euros and 700 a year subscriptions.

Now, for me to help him out, I was wondering, which device would you recommend? Is there a cheaper alternative? i.e. are there chinese clones for the two devices hardware and/or cr*cked software that could do the same job for cheaper?

I have searched the forums and found c*acked updates for the Launch x431, but could find very little on the Wurth. I was hoping that maybe I could use a generic OBD bluetooth transceiver and some cr*cked WOW PC software? I would be pretty good at flashing firmware and working with HEX images, that sort of thing, so that wouldnt be an issue.


M8 there is no one professional tool out there and with all things in life you get what you pay for so basicly what does he want to do with the tool and what brand!!!.....clear faults....Launch all the way..... I wouldnt look at the Wurth but if he wants indepth programming he needs to phone the bank manager!!!!!!!! in a nut shell we need more info on what exactly he wants to do but I have a launch and work on every car under the sun (exept american cars) and the Launch almost (french cars) never lets me down I find it very strong on euros

In my view, don’t go throwing £****.** on a universal machine, 10 year ago, Yes these tools were really the only option. However, today and from here on, Manufacturer specific software / hardware, is the way to go, they offer way more than any universal tool. Does this mean universal tools are no-good anymore?? NO, they are still necessary, But maybe, a few cheap universal machines (pulling codes & Resets)and a few OEM machines, ( programming & Adaptions ).But Once you have pulled codes from the vehicles, we still have to know, what to do next.Most of these will log unrelated fault codes because they share circuts / hardware, or just a victim of the real fault.

My most used tool is my Scope, it fits 99.9% of cars,
but cant turn off a single mil lamp.......

"My most used tool is my Scope, it fits 99.9% of cars,but cant turn off a single mil lamp....... "What scope you got M8?

If you are doing mostly OBD work I would get a Ruggedized laptop and start building it with an obd interface and just keep adding programs. Over here in the US we have no subaru coverage and I use the 2 major "all in one" scanners and the software has more holes than swiss cheese. Not a good 2000 dollar investment I expected way more than what I got.

it is a "general purpose" scope, not auto only, very fast, with recorder, (which is very handy).
The best part of my scope was the training i had from
Frank Massey, Preston.. The guy is a wizzard..if your are looking for scope, and finding things slightly to much £££ try looking for second-hand, general purpose bench-top models, (techtronix) for example..hope this helps......

Got any good site where I could find one at reasonable price as I only find one that are way over priced.

You need to know what you need the scantool for? do you work on all make and models? What i would do is figure which one i work on the most and buy the factory scantool. Then i would get a uni scantool like OTC or the Snapon and go from there.