Xtool Tablet Series Car Diagnosis VW V11.10 Update

XTool Tablet Series Car Diagnosis VW V11.10 Update on Nov.30, Support more vehicle in new one button brush hiding function, add support for most system parameterization functions and new support for component protection.

Languages Supported: Russian, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Italian,Vietnamese,Arabi

Xtool Car Diagnosis VW V11.10 Update Details:

1. The new one button brush hiding function (turn signal and tail lamp flash alternately, reverse gear right rearview mirror down, turn off automatic start stop, fuel filling, etc.) are added
After 2019, after maiteng 2016, after Bora 2018, after Golf 2014, after tanyue, after Passat 2019, after Langyi, after Tiguan 2017, after Audi A3 after 2019, after Audi Q3 after 2019, after Audi A4 after 2016
2. Newly added support for most system parameterization functions, including:
Audi: A1 2019-2020, A3 2014-2020, A4 2017-2020, A5 2018-2020, A6 2019-2020, a7 2019-2020, a8 2019-2020, Q2 2018-2020, Q3 2019-2020, Q5 2018-2020, Q7 2017-2020, Q8 2019-2020, TT 2015-2020
Shanghai Volkswagen: Touran 2017-2020, Tiguan 2018-2020, Lavida / langhang 2013-2020, lingdu 2016-2020, touang 2018-2020, Passat 2019-2020
FAW Volkswagen: maiteng 2017-2020, Suteng 2020, xinbaolai 2019-2020, golf 2015-2020, tanyue 2018-2020, etc
3. New support for component protection: Audi A4, A6, Q3, etc., 05 – entry and start permission, 25 – anti-theft locking system, 47 – audio system, 5F – information electronic equipment, 1,3c – lane change assistance, 56 – Radio deprotection function, a5 – Driver assistance system, front sensor system, etc