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Lonsdor K518ISE K518 Key Programmer for All Makes with Odometer Adjustment No Token Limitation

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Lonsdor K518ISE, the English version of Lonsdor K518, is an universal key programmer for all makes from Europe, America, Asia and China, also it can perform odometer adjustment for some makes. Its nice features are built-in Volkswagen 4th 5th adapter & RFID transponder reader / writer, program Toyota/Lexus smart key all key lost via OBD and free BMW FEM key programming (for all keys lost, enter 32-bit ISN code). Lonsdor K518ISE is specialized on Volvo, Maserati, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, Nissan etc.


Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer with Odometer Correction for All Makes Free Update Online for Lifetime

What are the advantages of Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer ?

1.Immobilization Key Programming

2.Odometer adjustment

3.Built-in Volkswagen 4th & 5th adapter

4. Built-in Chip & remote detection module.

5. Free BMW FEM key programming

6.No Need Token for all cars

Lonsdor K518ISE(K518 English Version) universal auto key programmer , with wider vehicle coverage in key programming, it is customized as the first masterpiece to the overseas market from Lonsdor. With months of preparation and rigorous testing, from the software design to the user experience, it is an epitomize of Lonsdor years of industry experience. It is tailored and perfect for vehicle locksmith, to help making their work easier, faster and more powerful!

Lonsdor K518ISE Key programmer Special Features:

Volvo (S40, S60, S80, XC60, XC90, C30, C70, V40, V60, V70) key programming.
Toyota/Lexus: smart key all key lost - via OBD ( without dismantle) 
BMW CAS3/CAS3+/CAS3++: direct OBD programming
BMW CAS4/CAS4+: dismantle & read data programming
BMW FEM system key programming & All keys lost
2016 -New Maserati: smart key programming
2016 -New Ford: smart key programming
Hyundai / Kia 46/47/8A smart key: PIN code reading via OBD, all key lost included.
Renault ( Megane, Koleos, Scenic) without PIN code key programming
VAG group 4th & 5th immobilizer system
Ferrari (458, F12, F149): direct OBD programming
Peugeot /Citroen: two ways to read PIN code & programming, all keys lost included. 

Lonsdor K518ISE Latest Update Policy:

Menus are divided into two parts: free menus and subscribed menus.

1. Free menus are free for lifetime.
2. Subscribed menus can be used for free for 180 days. You need to pay for them after the trial period. After the trial period, subscribed menus will not work properly if
you don't pay. And the menus will disappear after updating the device.

A. 365 days is a period and the price is USD630 per period. One year period starts from the day of the trial period finished.
B. Purchase menus with a dealer. You can use the menus normally and permanently after payment.
C. Menus which you purchase includes subscribed menus that have been released and that will have been released in one year period.
D. Subscribed menus beyond one year period requires extra payment.

Lonsdor K518ISE Update Car List Download  
The car list in PDF marked Black
 can be updated for Free. 

For cars marked 
Red enjoy 180 days free trail. You need to subscribe to use later. If you don't need these newly updated car models. You don't need to pay for service, your tool will go back to normal.

Lonsdor K518 ISE Key Programmer Immobilization Car List:

Audi, BMW, Benz, VW, Volvo, Citroen, Ferrari, Maserati, Fiat, Lamborghini, Jaguar, MG,
Land Rover, Bentley, Lancia, Opel, Peugeot, Porsche, DS, Renault, Alfa Romeo, Smart,

Cadillac, Chevrolet, Dodge, GMC, Buick, Hummer, Ford, JEEP, Lincoln, Mercury

Honda, Hyundai, Isuzu, KIA, Lexus, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Ssangyong, Subaru, Suzuki,
Toyota, Shigaoka Queen

Iveco, Trumpchi, BYD, Geely, Chery, Great Wall, Young Lotus (Basically all Chinese car
models are included)

Odometer Correction Car List:

VW, Porsche, Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mazda, Audi, Renault, Hummer, Hyundai, Kia...
Note: more high-end cars will be updated very soon.

Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer with so many unprecedented features + built in RFID Transponder Reader/Writer

1st tool to introduce Kia / Hyundai Read PIN code function for Type 46 & 47 keys + Add Smart Key without PIN code;

1st tool to program keys for all Volvo models via OBD

1st tool to introduce Universal Smart Key Emulator shown picture below .

K518ISE key programmer work withs the smart key emulator as below, need to purchase alone 
Original SKE-LT Smart Key Emulator for Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer

SKE-LT: Smart Key emulator - Toyota/Lexus smart key for all key lost via OBD
Black:  SKE-LT-DST40(94/D4) -Supports 94/D4 smart key.
Red: SKE-LT-8A(88/A8)-Support 88/A8 smart key.
Green: SKE-LT-DST80(98)-Supports 98 smart key.
Blue: SKE-LT-8A(A9)-Supports A9 smart key. 

Toyota Smart Key all lost Lamborghini Porsche BMW & LandRover Ferrari Models covered + a whole lot of Chinese made vehicles GreatWall Haval Borgward MG Beiqi Foton as well

Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer Free Update Log till now

VW Gen 4 Update [July 10,2019]

Newly Added 500+ VW Gen4 VAG Number Auto identify immo

Renault Clio4 All Key Lost Update [July 5,2019]

Lonsdor K518 Update Announcement [May 14, 2019]
Bypass PIN Code Offline
Renautl FLUENCE/2008-/Mechanical Key
FIAT BRAVO/-2007/Read PIN code & Make dealer key
FIAT 500X/2014-/Read PIN Code
Software Optimization
FIAT 500X/2014-/Delete key
FIAT PANDA/2011-/Read Key data

(2018-08-08) Free Update Toyota Hyundai Nissan Honda IMMO Vehicles 

Toyota series:
8A Smart key
2007 Crown key
Aplhard add smart key
2006 Reiz
Crown 68 chip all keys lost

Hyundai series
2013/2015 Verna remote
2009 Rohens add smart key
2014 Sonata 8 cummunication
2015 IX25 smart key all keys lost

Honda & Nissan
Honda Accord 9th generation key
2017 Nissan Teana 4A transponder

(2018-05-05) Free Update European IMMO Vehicles 

PEUGEOT\Select from vehicle\1007\Immobilizer\Type 3
PEUGEOT\Select from vehicle\308\Immobilizer\Type 2
PEUGEOT\Select from vehicle\4008(China)\Smart Key
PEUGEOT\Select from vehicle\4008(China)\Immobilizer

LAND ROVER\Select from type\Smart Key\Type 1
LAND ROVER\Select from type\Smart Key\Type 2
LAND ROVER\Select from type\Remote\Type 1
LAND ROVER\Select from type\Immobilizer\Type 1
LAND ROVER\Select from type\Immobilizer\Type 2
LAND ROVER\Select from type\Immobilizer\Type 3
LAND ROVER\Select from vehicle\Defender\Remote\2010-2014
LAND ROVER\Select from vehicle\Evoque\Smart Key\2015-
LAND ROVER\Select from vehicle\Evoque\Immobilizer\Type 1
LAND ROVER\Select from vehicle\Evoque\Immobilizer\Type 2
LAND ROVER\Select from vehicle\Freelander\Smart Key
LAND ROVER\Select from vehicle\Freelander\Remote
LAND ROVER\Select from vehicle\Freelander 2\Immobilizer\2006-2012

MG\Immobilizer\ZS\Mechanical Key
MG\Immobilizer\ZS\Smart Key

LANCIA\Immobilizer\Phedra\Type 1
LANCIA\Immobilizer\Phedra\Type 2
LANCIA\Immobilizer\Phedra\Type 3
LANCIA\Immobilizer\Z\Type 1
LANCIA\Immobilizer\Z\Type 2
LANCIA\Immobilizer\Z\Type 3


(2018-05-03) Free Update American IMMO Vehicles 
FORD\Remote System
LINCOLN\Navigator\Remote System
HUMMER\H2\Remote Programming\Type2\2008-2009
HUMMER\H2\Remote Programming Method\2003-2007
HUMMER\H2\Remote Programming Method\2008-2009
DODGE\Mechanical Key\Type\Type1(CAN)
DODGE\Mechanical Key\Type\Type2(CAN)
DODGE\Mechanical Key\Type\Type3(CAN)
DODGE\Mechanical Key\Type\Type4(CAN)
DODGE\Mechanical Key\Type\Type5(CAN)
DODGE\Mechanical Key\Type\Type6(VPW)
DODGE\Smart Key\Type\Type1(CAN)
DODGE\Smart Key\Type\Type2(CAN)
DODGE\Smart Key\Vehicle Type\Challenger\2015-
DODGE\Smart Key\Vehicle Type\Charger\2011-
DODGE\Smart Key\Vehicle Type\Dart\2013-\Half Smart
DODGE\Smart Key\Vehicle Type\Dart\2013-\Smart
DODGE\Smart Key\Vehicle Type\Magnum\2011-
DODGE\Smart Key\Vehicle Type\Viper\2013-
DODGE\Remote\Vehicle Type\Caravan\2001-2003\Remote Programming
DODGE\Remote\Vehicle Type\Dakota\2001-2004\Remote Programming
DODGE\Remote\Vehicle Type\Durango\2001-2003\Remote Programming
DODGE\Remote\Vehicle Type\Intrepid\1998-2004\Remote Programming
DODGE\Remote\Vehicle Type\Neon\2000-2005\Remote Programming
DODGE\Remote\Vehicle Type\Ram\2002-2005\Remote Programming
DODGE\Remote\Vehicle Type\Startus\4 door\2001-2006\Remote Programming
CHRYSLER\Select from System\Remote\Type1
CHRYSLER\Select from System\Remote\Type5
CHRYSLER\Select from System\Remote\Type6
CHRYSLER\Select from System\Remote\Type7
CHRYSLER\Select from System\Remote\Type8
CHRYSLER\Vehicle Type \Smart Key\200\2015-
CHRYSLER\Vehicle Type\Smart Key\300\2011-
CHRYSLER\Vehicle Type\Smart Key\Freemont\2011-
CHRYSLER\Vehicle Type\Remote\300M\1999-2000
CHRYSLER\Vehicle Type\Remote\Concorde\1998-2004
CHRYSLER\Vehicle Type\Remote\LHS\1999-2001
CHRYSLER\Vehicle Type\Remote\PT cruiser\2001-2005
CHRYSLER\Vehicle Type\Remote\Sebring\2001-2006
CHRYSLER\Vehicle Type\Remote\Town&Country\2001-2003
CADILLAC\ATSL\2015-2016\Smart Key Immobilizer\Type2
CADILLAC\SRX\2010-2014\Smart Key Immobilizer\Type2

(2018-04-12) Free Update Chip generation& Chip Recognition&Frequency detection

New hidden features in Special Function
--Chip Generation: 4D Chip/46 Chip/48 Chip/T5 chip/7935 chip
--Chip Identification 
--Frequency detection: Remote

(2018-03-27) Free update American & Australian Mitsubishi:

--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\USA\Diamate\2000-2006
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\USA\Eclipse(CAN)\2006-2009
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\USA\Eclipse\1996-2005
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\USA\Endeavor
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\USA\Endeavor(CAN)\2006-2009
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\USA\EVO
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\USA\Galant(CAN)\2006-2009
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\USA\Galant(PIN1)\2000-2003
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\USA\Galant(PIN1)\1996-2000
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\USA\Galant(PIN2)\2000-2003
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\USA\Galant(PIN2)\1996-2000
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\USA\Galant\2004-2005
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\USA\Lancer
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\USA\Mirage\2012
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\USA\Montero Sport\1999-2004
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\USA\Montero\2001-2006
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\USA\Montero\1999-2000
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\USA\Outlander(Sport)
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\USA\Outlander(CAN)\2007-2009
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\USA\Outlander\2000-2003
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\USA\Outlander\2004-2006
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\USA\Outlander\2014
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\USA\Rvr

--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\3000gt
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\Airtrek
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\ASX
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\Challenger\1999-2003
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\CJ Evolution
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\CJ Lancer\Sedan
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\CJ Lancer\Sportback
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\CJ Ralliart\Sedan
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\CJ Ralliart\Sportback
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\Colt
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\EVO
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\Express
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\Express\1996-
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\Galant
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\Lancer Sport Back
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\Lancer SW\1996-2003
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\Lancer Wagon
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\Lancer (CAN)
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\Lancer (Sport)
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\Lancer\2003-2006
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\Lancer\1996-2003
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\Mirage\1996-2005
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\Mirage\2004-2012
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\Mirage\2012-
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\Mirage\1996-2002
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\Minbus\1998-1999
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\Minbus\1999-2002
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\Outlander (CAN)
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\Outlander
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\Pajero IO\1999-
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\Pajero\2000-2005
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\Pajero\1996-2000
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\Star Wagon
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\Trion Challenger
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\Verada\1996-2002

(2018-03-21) Free update North& South Mitsubishi

--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\South America\ASX
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\South America\Diamonte
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\South America\Eclipse
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\South America\Eclipse[CAN]
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\South America\Endeavor
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\South America\Endeavor[CAN]
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\South America\EVO
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\South America\Galant
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\South America\Galant[CAN]
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\South America\Lancer
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\South America\Lancer[CAN]
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\South America\Montero
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\South America\Montero[CAN]\2007
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\South America\Outlander
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\South America\Outlander(2013)
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\South America\Outlander[CAN]
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\South America\Outlander\Pajero\v97\v98
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\South America\Outlander\Rvr\2012
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\3000gt
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\ASX
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\Carisma
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\Colt Lander
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\Eclipse
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\EVO
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\Galant Wagon
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\Galant\1996-2004
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\Grandis
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\I-miev
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\L200
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\L200[CAN]\2011-
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\L400
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\Lancer
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\Lancer Sportback
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\Lancer Wagon
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\Lancer EX
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\Magnum
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\Mirage 2013
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\Outlander (CAN)
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\Outlander
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\Pajero PININ
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\Pajero 1999-2006
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\Shogun
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\Sigma
--Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\Space Wagon

(2018-02-01) Free update
--Volvo XC70 -2006 Flip Key
--Volvo XC70 2007-2010
--Volvo XC70 2011-
--Ford C-Max Smart key
--Ford Ranger 2007-2010 Immobilizer
--Ford Ranger 2015 immobilzier
--Ford New Focus 2014- smart ke
--Ford Escape 2008-2009 immobilizer
--Lexus smart key Type 1 & Type 2 and remote
--Lexus Immo Type 1 and Type 2
--Lexus CT200h -2010 smart key Type 3
--Lexus ES300 2002-2003
--Lexus ES300h 2012-2015 smart key
--Lexus ES330 2003-2006 mechanical key
--Lexus GS300 1998-2001 remote type 1
--Lexus GS350 2006-2008 & 2009-
--Lexus GS430 2001-2005 mechanical key/immo
--Lexus GS450h 2007-2011 & 2013-2014
--Lexus GS460 2008-2011 & 2003-2009 &2010-2013
--Lexus GX470 2003-2009
--Lexus HS250h 2008-2012 smart key
--Lexus S200 mechanical key/remote programming

(2018-01-25) Free update
--Saturn Astra 2008-2009 immobilizer 
--Saturn Aura 2006-2009 immobilizer 
--Saturn Outlook  2006-2008 immobilizer 
--Saturn Relay 2005-2007 immobilizer 
--Saturn Sky 2008-2009 immobilizer
--Saturn Vue  2008-2009 immobilizer 

(2018-01-23) Free update
--PONTIAC Aztec Immobilizer
--PONTIAC Bonneville Immobilizer
--PONTIAC G3 Immobilizer
--PONTIAC G5 Immobilizer
--PONTIAC G6 Immobilizer
--PONTIAC G8 Immobilizer
--PONTIAC Grand Prix Immobilizer
--PONTIAC Montana Immobilizer
--PONTIAC Pursult Immobilizer
--PONTIAC Solstice Immobilizer

(2018-01-20) Free update
--Chevrolet Cavalier Immobilizer
--Chevrolet Colorado IMMO Without smart
--Chevrolet Colorado IMMO With smart
--Chevrolet Zafira 1999-
--Oldsmobile Aurora Immobilizer
--Oldsmobile Silhouette Immobilizer

(2018-01-18) Free update
--Buick Envision Smart key 2017-
--Buick Excelle -2012 Remote Type 2
--Buick Excelle 2013- Immobilizer Type 2
--Buick GL8 2011-2016 Smart key Type 2
--Buick Lacrosse -2016 Immobilizer Type 2

(2018-01-16) Free update
--New Maserati Read new pattern of PIN code via OBD
--2014-Jeep Grand Cherokee-Read PIN code via OBD
--2013- MG6 read PIN code via OBD

(2018-01-11) Free update
--Fiat PALIO 2000-2003 Immobilizer
--Fiat PALIO 2004-2012 Immobilizer
--Fiat PUNTO 2008-2014 Immobilizer
--Fiat STILO 2002-2006 Immobilizer
--Fiat 500 2007- Immobilizer
--Fiat ALBEA 2002- Immobilizer
--Fiat BRAVO Immobilizer
--Fiat CROMA 2005-2007 Immobilizer
--Fiat DOBLO 2005-2009 Immobilizer
--Fiat DOBLO 2009- Immobilizer
--Fiat DUCATO 2006-2012 Immobilizer
--Fiat DUCATO 2012-2013 Immobilizer
--Fiat FIORINO 2008- Immobilizer
--Fiat SIENA 2002-2008 Immobilizer

(2018-01-10) Free update
--Fiat Bravo Immo key programming
--Fiat Palio Immo key programming
--Fiat Perla Immo key programming
--Fiat Ottimo smart key key programming
--Fiat Viaggio smart key key programming
--Fiat Viaggio Fobik key programming
--Fiat Freemont smart key key programming
--Fiat Siena immo key programming
--Fiat Ottimo Fobik key programming
--Fiat Fiorino 2008- immo key programming
--Fiat Doblio 2000- immo key programming
--Fiat Fiorino 2014-2015 immo key programming
--Fiat Idea 2004-2012 immo key programming
--Fiat Linea 2004-2012 Immo key programming

(2018-01-09) Free update
--Suzuki Swift 2010- immo key programming
--Suzuki XL7(USA) 2007-2009 key programming
--Isuzu TF 2008-2012 Immo key programming
--Isuzu MU-X Type 2 smart key programming
--Isuzu D-Max Type 3 smart key programming

(2018-01-02) Free update
--Renault Clio 2000-2008 VIN with (VF1 * B)
--Renault Clio 2006-2012 VIN with (VF1 * R) Immobilizer
--Renault Clio 2006-2012 VIN with (VF1 * R) Smart key
--Renault Clio 1997-1999
--Renault Escape 2002- VIN with (VF1 * K)
--Renault Kangoo VIN with (VF1 * C) 2003-2008
--Renault Kangoo VIN with (VF1 * W) 2008-
--Renault Kangoo 1999-2002
--Renault Koleos 2008-2010 VIN with (VF1 * Y)
--Renault Koleos 2010-2016 VIN with (VF1 * Y)
--Renault Laguna VIN with (VF1 * G) -2007
--Renault Laguna VIN with (VF1 * T) 2007-2011
--Renault Logan (MA1LS) 2006-2009
--Renault Logan 2006-2010
--Renault Master -2003
--Renault Master VIN with (VF1 * D) 2003-2010
--Renault Maxity
--Renault Megane Scenic 2002-2006 VIN with (VF1 * M)
--Renault Megane Scenic 2006-2009 VIN with (VF1 * M)
--Renault Megane Scenic 2008-2011 VIN with (VF1 * Z)

(2017-12-29) Free update
--Kia Remote 10 Pin Type 1
--Kia Remote 20 Pin Type 1
--Hyundai Remote 10 Pin Type 1
--Honda Remote 3 Pin Immo 1
--Honda Remote 3 Pin Immo 2
--Honda Remote 3 Pin Immo 3
--Honda Remote 3 Pin Immo 4
--Honda Remote 3 Pin Check Immo Type

(2017-12-28) Free update
--2005-2011 Porsche 911 key programming
--2005-2010 Porsche 997 key programming
--2005-2011 Porsche Boxer key programming
--2005-2011 Porsche Cayman key programming

(2017-12-20) Free update
--Ford Rapter F150 (2015-) smart key programming
--Ford Rapter F250 (2015-) smart key programming
--Buick Lacrosse -2016 type 2 key programming
--Jeep fobik key programming

(2017-12-19) Free update
--Subaru immobilization type 6 (4D 82G chip)
--Subaru smart key type 5 programming
--Nissan read PIN code & release direction lock (4-digit)
--Nissan 4-digit PIN code smart key slot-free button type 2
--Nissan New Sunny smart key programming
--Nissan 2003 up 230-Z key programming
--Nissan New Xtrail 2017 smart key programming
--Optimization Nissan 4-digit Pin code smart key slot-free button

(2017-12-14)  Free update
--Mazda B-Series key programming
--Mazda BT50 key programming
--Mazda CX-9 immobilizer and smart key programming
--Mazda MX-5 key programming
--Mazda new CX-7 smart key programming
--Mazda new CX-9 smart key programming
--Mazda CX-5 2017 smart key programming

(2017-12-12)  Free Update 
--Jeep Renegade 2015- smart key programming
--Jeep Grans Cherokee fobik key programming
--Chrysler fobik key programming
--Volkswagen Magotan/CC key programming

(2017-11-16) Free update Buick GL8 smart key programming and Fiat Ottimo toothless konb key programming via OBD

(2017-11-10) Free update Rolls-Royce Wraith, Ghost key programming 

(2017-10-21) Free update  Lamborghini-LP580 LP610 LP700 smart key programming

(2017-10-20) Free update Lincoln Continental smart key programming without pin code

(2017-10-19) Free update for 2017 Ford Taurus key programming by OBD without pin code

(2017-10-18) Free update for 2017-Ford New Mondeo smart key programming

(2017-10) Free update BMW FEM/BDC series key programming and CAS4 Enable/Disable Key. No need open authorization. No need tokens
                 Supports FEM all keys lost but require 32 digits ISN code
Lonsdor K518ISE BMW Function Quick View

(2017-07-07) Fiat Ottimo Yue Yue/Flying Cheung smart key programming

--[ World First] Add  Mazda Angkesaila smart key program(2017); 
--Adding Nissan key system (4 Digit Pin Code) ;
--Adding Nissan remote system ;
--Adding Nissan smart key system (New 20 Digit Rolling Pin Code) ;
--Adding Nissan smart key system (New 20 Digit Rolling Pin Code) support Qashqai(after 2015);
--Adding Nissan smart key system (New 20 Digit Rolling Pin Code) support Q5;
--Adding Nissan smart key system (New 20 Digit Rolling Pin Code) support X-TRAIL(before 2013);
--Adding Nissan smart key system (New 20 Digit Rolling Pin Code) support Kroraina;
--Adding Nissan smart key system (New 20 Digit Rolling Pin Code) support QX60(after 2013);
--Adding Nissan smart key system (New 20 Digit Rolling Pin Code) support teana-vip(after 2013);
--Adding Nissan smart key system (New 20 Digit Rolling Pin Code) support Cima(after 2013);
--Adding Nissan smart key system (New 20 Digit Rolling Pin Code) support JX35(after 2013); 

[ World First]  Hyundai/Kia  smart systems( 47 chip  ) added for key learning without pincode ;
[ World First] Hyundai/Kia smart systems( 46 chip ) added for key learning without pincode
[ World First] Hyundai/Kia smart systems ( 8A chip ) added for key learning without pincode

[ World First]  Adding FIAT Viaggio key program (Read pin code and make dealer key by OBD) 
BYD smart key program without Pincode

Volvo S80 (before 09 smart key) key program;
Volvo V40 key program
Volvo C30 key program
Volvo V60 key program

--Add FIAT Viaggio key program  
--Add FIAT Palio key program 
--Add FIAT Siena key program 
--Add FIAT Bravo key program 
--Add FIAT Perla key program 
--Add FIAT Perla key program 
-Add FIAT Freemont smart key program  
--Mercedes -Benz   C-Class, CLK-Class, E-Class, S-Class openning trunk  program;
--Adding LUXGEN (china) key program without Pincode;
--Adding BYD  smart key program without Pincode

Beiqi EX260 ordinary key program
Beacon EX200 common key program
Beiqi BJ40L ordinary key program
Beiqi EU260 ordinary key program
Beiqi EV150 ordinary key program
Beiqi EV150 economically ordinary key program
Beiqi EV160 ordinary key program
Beiqi EV200 ordinary key program
Beiqi EU220 ordinary key program
Beiqi prestige S50 smart key program
Beiqi Vanguard H3 smart key program
Beiqi magic speed H2 smart key program
Beiqi Vanguard S6 smart key program
Beiqi Vanguard S3L smart key program
Beiqi magic speed H3F smart key program
Beiqi Sketchdown S5 smart key program
Beiqi magic speed S6 remote key fob program
Beiqi BJ40L remote key fob program
Hanting X7 smart key program

Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer Connection Diagram 

Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer Technical Parameter:
RFID:                                                          Support 125KHz ASK,134.2KHz FSK
CPU:                                                           ARM Cortex-A7 Quad-core Processor Speed 1.34GHz
Display:                                                      1024*600,7 inch IPS capacitive
Memory:                                                      eMMC 8G RAM 1G
Battery Capacity:                                       3800 mAh
Power Supply:                                           DC12V 1A
Power port:                                                5.5x2.1mm
OBD Port:                                                   OBD-II
Comm Port:                                               USB 2.0-type B
OBDII Protocols:                                       ISO15765,ISO9141,ISO14230,SAEJ1850,VW TP1.6 TP2.0 etc
KPROG:                                                     Support programming MCU and EEPROM on ECU circuit board.
WIFI Communication Distance:           10m

Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer Main Unit Appearance:

1. Trademark: Lonsdor
2. Three-color indicator in turn will be: red - external power supply; blue - system power; yellow - communication status
3. Capacitive touch screen: display and touch operation function.
4. Switch: press and hold for 3s to start. When in start state, press and hold for 3s to restart or shutdown, for 10s to force to restart.
5. Volume: adjust volume size
6. Key frequency & chip recognition system: place the key on the surface to detect frequency, push the slot shell to the right and put the key inside to detect chip
7. Setting: enter to set
8. Home: home page interface
9. Return: back to previous step
10. Built-in antenna: antenna inside
11. Model: K518ISE

Screen shot: press power button and volume down button together

Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer Main Interafce:

Lonsdor K518 ISE Key Programmer Setting interface:

Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer Adaptor Binding:

Please note that KPROG adapter must be bound to K518ISE before using, here is the binding process:
Step 1. Connect adapter to K518ISE with mainline
Step 2. Connect K518ISE with 12V power supply
Step 3. Enter into “Setting”
Step 4. Click “Bind adapter”
Step 5. Click “OK” to complete

Note: The KPROG adapter is specialized for part of Volvo car series and the new Maserati for the time being, we are still developing some more
car models that the adaptor can support in the near future, such as Jeep Grand Cherokee, please refer to our website or directly go to the”One
key update” for latest news

Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer Package List:

1* Portable Bag(big)
1* Lonsdor K518ISE Main Host
1*Power Adaptor
1*USB Cable
1*Packing Bundle
1*OBD Test Cable
1*Extra Connector
1*User Manual
1*Portable Bag(small)
1*KPROG Adapter
1*RN-01 Board
1*E-01 Board
1*FS-01 Board
1*20P Cable
5*Backup Pin

Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer Adapter List:

Lonsdor K518 ISE Key Programmer Registration & activation

After system updating, you need go to registration&activation.
For new user, click Registration, input user name(email), name(min 2 char), password(min 6 char), email verification code and click YES to complete registration(if interrupted after registration is done, you will go to the System update–Registered user to proceed). Then go to Activation confirmation to continue.

After confirming activation, it will enter into Setup password interface, please set 6-digit numbers as your startup password. Then after information verification by Lonsdor (5-30 minutes, you can check the progress by clicking “Refresh” ), you will required to re-enter the password to verify, when you get the notification that verification successful, the whole process before using the device is complete.
1. User name must be an available email address, so that you can receive the verification code from Lonsdor by email.
2. Please pay attention to the difference between the registration password (min 6 char) and the startup password(6-digit), the former will generally only used when registration, so please commit the 6-digit startup password into memory, as this will be required every time when you start the device.
3. The account will be bound to the corresponding device for life, other accounts can not log in your device and your account can not log in an registered or activated device either.
4. An account can be used to bind multiple new devices.
5. Quality 100% guaranteed. One time Registration to one K518ISE.

System update

How to Update Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer?

After networking, the system will automatically updated to the latest version. There are 3 ways of system update:
One key update: quickly update the new added or modified functions.
? APK update: this is used when the APK is updated.
Force to update: this is used when the device is faulty or to retrieve data.

SuperOBD SKP900 vs. SKP1000 vs. Lonsdor K518ISE

Key programmer

SuperOBD SKP900

SKP1000 tablet key programmer

Lonsdor K518ISE key programmer

Head picture




Touch screen





Adapters / Package

SKP1000 vs skp900 in pacakge: add touch pen, haima 7pin adapter,power adapter,TF card and TF card reader

1) Built-in VW 4th 5th adapter
2) Built-in RFID Transponder Reader / Writer
3) SKE-LT: Smart Key emulator is optional, not packed in the standard package.

Brand / Original




Software Update

Free update online LIFETIME

one key upgrade online, free for 1 year

one key upgrade online for free LIFETIME

Firmware update


English, Portuguese



Built-in card


TF card, with TF card reader

Built-in VW 4th 5th adapter & RFID Transponder Reader / Writer

Vehicle coverage

Program key for multi-brand car models from US, Europe, Asia etc.

1) Immobilization for all makes
2) Odometer Correction Car List:VW, Porsche, Ford, Jaguar,
Land Rover, Mazda, Audi, Renault, Hummer, Hyundai, Kia…

Special vehicles & functions

Enable/Disable the key, can not program key; Add key for TOYOTA G chip and H chip, not support all key lost

Volvo (S40, S60, S80, XC60, XC90, C30, C70, V40, V60, V70) key programming.
Toyota/Lexus: smart key all key lost – via OBD ( without dismantle)
BMW CAS3/CAS3+/CAS3++: direct OBD programming
BMW CAS4/CAS4+: dismantle & read data programming
BMW FEM system key programming
2016 -New Maserati: smart key programming
2016 -New Ford: smart key programming
Hyundai / Kia 46/47/8A smart key: PIN code reading via OBD, all key lost included.
Renault ( Megane, Koleos, Scenic) without PIN code key programming
VAG group 4th & 5th immobilizer system
Ferrari (458, F12, F149): direct OBD programming
Peugeot /Citroen: two ways to read PIN code & programming, all keys lost included.

Pin Code Calculation

Yes on a little part models

Yes on more models than SKP900. Such as Ford and Nissan

Mileage adjustment via OBD


Special Function



Oil/Service Reset









EEPROM Chip Read




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Online service support

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Diagobd2.de Monthly Special Offer


Technischer Service

Lonsdor K518ISE is a newest key programmer tool which is verified to program BMW FEM BDC key (for all key lost, enter 32-bit ISN code) in the dismantling FEM module method (same as Xhorse VVDI2, Yanhua BMW FEM key programm, etc.), what a nice feature is the Lonsdor official notice: the BMW-FEM/BDC is updated for free, no more charge for the authorization or update, no more token.

Wie Lonsdor K518ISE Programm BMW FEM BDC Schlüssel sogar alle Schlüssel zu verwenden verloren

Steps with words & pictures:

Tap Immobilization->BMW-> by IMMO system->FEM/BDC


BMW-FEM/BDC Functions introduction:

1- read key information: read out key data and prompt that if the immobilizer system needs pre-processing.

2- Pre-process FEM/BD system: backup original coding data, read out EEPROM, generate the service mode EEPROM data, program, restore the original EEPROM data, restore coding codes (for the details, please read the operation guide).

3- Generate dealer key: program a new key as a dealer key.

4- enable key: set a “disabled” key to “used”.

5- disable key: set a “used” or a “lost” key as “disabled”.

6- delete key: delete keys that are unnecessary or lost.



Mainly 3 steps: read key info->Pre-process FEM/BD system->Generate dealer key.

Read the operation instructions in the below picture, as you can see, when you make dealer key for all key lost, enter 32-bit ISN code.


Step 1. read key info

Before operating other functions, you must read key info firstly including VIN, type, current key position and kilometers etc (see below picture).


Step 2. pre-process FEM/BDC system

1: OBD backup the original coding data:

Connect the FEM/BDC system on the car or the test platform, then backup the original coding files via OBD.

2: read out EEPROM backup data & generate service mode EEPROM:

  • Remove the FEM/BDC module, find out chip 95128 or 95256, read EEPROM data using an ECU programmer e.g VVDI-Prog, Orange5 etc.;
  • Importthe EEPROM data into the customfile folder of Lonsdor K518ISE;
  • Enter the program, read original EEPROM data and generate servicemode EEPROM, export the service mode EEPROM data, write it into the chip 95128 / 95256 with the ECU programmer.
  • Restore FEM/BDC system, supply power to the car and connect via OBD


3: programming

  • This procedure requires to be done on the BMW FEM/BDC test platform, meawhile you have to ensure that Step 1 & 2 is finished.
  • Supply power to the FEM/BDC system and connect it to the OBD port.


4: restore EEPROM data

  • Remove FEM/BDC module, write the original EEPROM data (Step 2) into chip 95128/95256
  • Restore FEM/BDC system, supply power and connect to OBD


5: restore coding data

Load the coding files that are backed up in step 1, restore coding information via OBD


6: pre-processing is done.


Step 3: Generate dealer key.

1: Lonsdor K518ISE Programmer reads out data, select the key position to be generated.

2: Choose “by original car key” to make a dealer key, for all key lost: enter 32-bit ISN code

3: Put the original key near the car immo induction loop

4: Detecting the original key, read out immo data

5: Put a new key near the car immo induction loop (see the above picture)

6: Detect the key key, learn new key (don’t move the key, keep stable)

7: key learn complete.


Step 4: disable the key

1: Lonsdor K518ISE read out data, select the key ID position to disable

2: Put a working key near the car induction loop

3: K518ISE system tries to connect to CAS, disable the key in the current ID position, disable key with success.


Step 5: enable the key

1: Lonsdor K518ISE read out data, select the key ID position to enable

2: put a “used” key near the car induction loop

3: K518ISE system tries to connect to CAS, enable the key with current ID position, enable key successfully


Step 6: delete the key

1: K518ISE read out data, select the key ID position to delete

2: read FEM/BDC key pin code

3: delete the key successfully; the key position is blank


Tips (Very important):

1: Please remember to read key info before you want to operate any function.

2: 5 tips on pre-process FEM/BDC (all the dismantle operations need to power off)

1) via OBD to backup original code

2) Dismantle & read car EEPROM and import to K518ISE customfile.

3) Generate and write the service mode EEPROM data to FEM, re-install to program

4) Dismantle FEM and write back original EEPROM data, reinstall to restore EEPROM.

5) ECU programming: need 6 min, with power supply connected

6) disconnect to the power supply, disassemble CPU, write the original EEPROM data into the chip, install CPU on the car, connect to the power supply, make sure communicate is successful

7) upload coding files (Step 1), restore original coding info to pre-process, then make a dealer key


Done! Lonsdor K518ISE program BMW FEM BDC key.

Any questions & suggests, please feel free to email at sales@diagobd2.de

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