FVDI 2 Commander For Bmw and MINI (V10.4) mit Software

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FVDI ABRITES Commander For Bmw and MINI (V10.4),buy this set, we will send you Toyota, Lexus, Hyundai, Kia and Tag key tool software for free.

FVDI ABRITES Commander For Bmw and MINI (V10.4) mit Software USB Dongle

Supported languages: English.

Buy FVDI BMW and MINI, we will send you Toyota, Lexus, Hyundai, Kia and Tag key tool software for free.

Top 5 Gründe für FVDI BMW:
1. Software Version: V10.4
2. Sprache: Englisch
3. Geschenk: kaufen Sie diese Software bekommen Sie DAF oder Bike Software.
4. Update:Bevor Update brauchen Sie ID von FVDI uns geben, werden wir die Seriennummer prüfen. 
Wenn ihre Seriennummer in der Liste ist, können wir Update per Email ihnen schicken. Wenn nicht, 
brauchen Sie FVDI uns zurück versenden und Sie bezahlen die Versandkosten

Wenn die Genehmigung erhalten,betreiben nach die nächsten Schritte:
1.Verbinden Sie das Softdog zu fVDI. Verbinden nicht Softdog mit dem Computer,sonst die Softdog grünem Licht oder rotem Licht eingeschaltet ist, 
und führen Genehmigung versagen. 
2.Verwenden Sie ein USB-Kabel zum Anschluss FVDI und den Computer, aber 
Verbinden nicht FVDI mit der Autos.Warten Sie, bis FVDI grüne LED leuchtet und Softdog rotes Licht eingeschaltet ist,  
bekommen sie Genehmigung erfolgreich.
Wenn FVDI rot leuchtet oder Softdog grüne Licht leuchtet, wiederholen Sie die Schritte 1-2.
Nachdem Sie die Berechtigung für FVDI haben, befolgen Sie die nächsten Schritte, um zu verbinden.
1. Schließen Sie das Softdog zu FVDI (Anmerkung: nicht Softdog an den Computer anschließen).
2. Verwenden Sie USB-Kabel an FVDI und den Computer anzuschließen.Warten Sie, bis FVDI grüne LED leuchtet und Softdog rote Licht eingeschaltet. schließen Sie Softdog 
USB-Kabel an den Computer an.Während des Verfahrens hält auf der Softdog Rotlicht(Anmerkung: Verbinden nicht FVDI und die Autos)
3. Bis die obigen Schritte 2 gut funktionieren, verbinden FVDI zum Auto

ABRITES Commander for BMW is a PC - Windows based diagnostic software for dealer level access to the vehicle (identification, trouble codes...), mileage recalibration, key programming, programming vehicle order.
It can access CAS1, CAS2, CAS3 and CAS3+ by OBDII independent from the firmware of the CAS. Also you can perform unusual for remaining diagnostic tools operations with the electronic modules inside of the vehicle like programming Vehicle Order and Coding of electronic control units.
Access to the EEPROM memory of the units in the vehicle. Covers vehicles BMW series starting from E36 up to latest models F series (F01,F10,F20,F25...)

Technical specification:

 1. K-line ISO 9141 (100 mA) multiplexed to 24 different pins of the diagnostic connector
 2. ISO14230 compliant
 3. Single wire CAN bus multiplexed to different pins of diagnostic connector
 4. Dual wire low speed CAN bus multiplexed to different pins of diagnostic connector
 5. Dual wire high speed CAN bus multiplexed to different pins of diagnostic connector
 6. CAN bus GMLAN, ISO14229, ISO15765, J1939, ISO22901 compliant
 7. USB interface to the PC
 8. Supply voltage 8..30V DC
 9. OBDII cable
 10. Updatable firmware
 11.ABRITES Commander for BMW

 Functions included in the base package (FVDI interface)
    1. Identification (VIN, mileage, production data)
    2. Read and clear diagnostic trouble codes (current, history and shadow)
    3. Added DTCs in 17 languages: 
        English, German, French, Thai, Swedish, Italian, Spanish, Indonesian, Korean, Greek, Turkish, Chinese, Chinese traditional, Russian,Dutch, Portuguese, Japanese. DTC conditions information (Odometer value, Timestamp, full engine status report for EDC17)
    4. Some DTCs (mostly that of F series) are given detailed documentation of what caused the problem and how the problem should be handled
    5. Manager of service intervals, reset service reminders (CBS)
    6. Measured valuesve data
    7. Read and Program Engine Control Unit flash memory for tuning purposes by OBDII
    8. Entering and leaving from logistic mode of the modules in the vehicle
    9. Synchronization DME/DDE and EWS/CAS, CAS and ELV
    10. Enable / Disable of the keys
    11. Enable / Disable of TV function for E3x,E46,E5x,E83,E85,E86 (for the next bodies available via unit coding)
    12. Ability for diagnostic on internal CAN buses
    13. Read / Program mileage from the IKE, LCM, EWS, ECU, ABS, VTG, EGS (please refer coverage list)
    14. Displaying KEY CUTTING code (mechanical code) stored in CAS modules 
 Special functions:
    1. Service intervals/CBS - ability for programming of service counters by OBDII
    2. Programming flash memory of all electronic control units by OBDII (can be used directly databases released from BMW)
    3. Programming Vehicle Order data (you can add new units to configuration of the vehicle) - E body
    4. Coding (configuration) of each electronic control unit in the vehicle - E body
    5. Programming identification of the modules in the vehicle 
    6. Programming User Information Fields in the electronic modules 
    7. Read / Write of memory of the electronic control modules 
    8. Program mileage stored in CAS1, CAS2 and CAS3 by OBDII
    9. Program keys by OBDII - CAS1, CAS2 and CAS3 systems - support latest versions CAS3 updated in 2011 year
    10. Key programming for CAS3+ with latest firmware version (ISTA-P 45)
    11. Preparing a keys by dump for BMW models with CAS4 - newest BMW 1, 5, 5 GT, 6, 7, X3 series ( body Fxx)
    12. Read / Write eeprom from CAS1 via OBDII
    13. Read / Write eeprom data from CAS2/CAS3 via dash connector or cas-connector
    14. Read / Program mileage stored in different electronic control units by OBDII like ECU, EGS, SGM, JBBF and many others
    15. Extracting and programming synchronization code between ECU and CAS by OBDII
    16. Ability to works together with transponder programmer
Not granted for all type of control modules.
Abrites Commander for BMW 10.4 released 
* EGS synchronization code between CAS and ECU recovery - new special function BN011
* Ability for replacement of EGS (used and new parts). Automatic synchronization with ECU and CAS- new special function BN011
* Improved control unit coding functions
* Engine control unit type MEDV70 ISN read by diagnostic (free for all owners of BN005)

Currently FVDI is distributed with following diagnostic software:

 1. ABRITES Commander for VAG - VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda
 2. ABRITES Commander for Porsche
 3. ABRITES Commander for Mercedes/Smart/Maybach
 5. ABRITES Commander for BMW
 6. ABRITES Commander for Peugeot/Citroen
 7. ABRITES Commander for Fiat/Alfa/Lancia
 8. Abrites Commander for Renault
 9. Abrites Commander for Toyota/Lexus
 10. Abrites Commander for Hyundai/KIA
 11. Abrites Commander for Nissan/Infiniti
 12. ABRITES TAG Key Tool
 Notes: The software copyright belongs to Abritus72 Ltd.

What car model you choose, then what car software we will send to you.
When you have the authourized software you bought, if you want to open other car software, you don't need to send back the hardware to us, you need to pay the cost to open another car software. After you pay for it, then we will send the authourized software to you by email.

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