60w Engine Oil Change Pump Extractor 12V Oil Extraction Pump Oil Transfer Pump Kits for Cars, Jet Ski, Truck, RV, ATV, Boat, Lawnmower

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21.5cm*19cm*11cm ( Inch: 8.44*7.46*4.32 )
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60w Engine Oil Change Pump Extractor 12V Oil Extraction Pump Oil Transfer Pump Kits for Cars, Jet Ski, Truck, RV, ATV, Boat, Lawnmower
60w Engine Oil Change Pump Extractor 12V Oil Extraction Pump Oil Transfer Pump Kits for Cars, Jet Ski, Truck, RV, ATV, Boat, Lawnmower
The oil extractor is used for car maintenance and engine oil change. As a car daily maintenance, you need to change the engine oil every 3 months or 3000-5000 kilometers mileage. You always drive the car to the 4S shop or a car repair shop, a car mechanic climbs under the engine, or lifts the car, unscrews the valve to change the oil. 
With our oil extractor, the oil in the engine can be directly pumped out without the need for unscrewing the engine oil bottom cover at the bottom of the car to change the oil. Everyone can maintain the car by themselves, without having to go to the 4S shop and the repair shop to complete the daily maintenance.
Product Features:
Simple and convenient,
Save time and money.
No need to drive to a 4S shop or a car repair shop for daily maintenance.
Wide use: for Cars, Jet Ski, Trucks, RV, ATV, Boats, Lawnmowers, etc

Product Functions:
Extract oil from the engine to change the oil
Easy Operation:
1. Connect the oil inlet pipe (thin) to the position marked with “IN” of the oil extractor, and lock it with a hose clamp; connect the oil outlet pipe (thick) to the position marked with “OUT” of the oil extractor, and lock it with a hose clamp.
2. Before changing the oil, you need to start the car, warm up the car for a while, and feel that the temperature of the engine body is about 60 degrees Celsius with your hand( It is best to be warm but not hot, because this temperature will make the used oil flow better, overheating can easily damage the oil extractor.) When the engine oil is running, it is usually 70-90 degrees Celsius, and it may be as high as 100 degrees Celsius when it is overloaded.
3.If the oil has not been changed for a long time, it is recommended to pour a little new oil into the engine oil tank to prevent the surface of the old waste oil from thickening and solidifying and blocking the oil inlet pipe.
4.Insert the oil inlet pipe into the engine oil tank or oil dipstick port, put the oil outlet pipe into the container, and connect the clips to the car battery. The red pole is connected to the positive electrode, and the black is to the negative electrode.
5.Shake the oil inlet pipe to check the swing, which can better extract the waste oil.
6. After pumping, turn off the power supply, and the residual oil can also be maintained. If the residual oil is very dirty, you can extract a little new oil and flush the pipeline for maintenance. Do not rinse with water, and do not extract flammable and explosive oils such as kerosene, brake fluid, gasoline or corrosive solvents chemicals.
1. Before using the power supply, confirm whether it is consistent with the marked power supply.
2. The voltage charge difference is plus or minus 5%, the car battery must be 12V, pay attention to the positive and negative poles.
3. When the liquid pump is used for the first time, the oil inlet and outlet pipes are in the direction shown by the arrow.
4. The oil inlet pipe and joint must not leak to ensure the suction stroke. Please ensure that the oil is clean to ensure the smooth use of the oil extractor.
5. The working time of the oil pump should not exceed 30 minutes. After 30 minutes of operation, the oil pump should be allowed to rest and cool down to increase its service life.
Product Specifications:
Color  black, red
Material plastic shell + inner aluminum alloy
Voltage DC12V rated
Current 5-6A
Maximum power 60W
Oil inlet pipe (thin) 120cm long
Outlet pipe (thick) 150cm long
Gross weight 860g
Packing size 21.5*19*11cm
Package Includes:
1pc x oil pump main engine
1pc x oil inlet pipe
1pc x oil outlet pipe
2pcs x hose clamps
1pc x instruction manual

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Launch X431 PAD VII PAD 7

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