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Mitsubishi Fuso Diagnostic Kit (2012-2016) without HDD C5 XENTRY

Mitsubishi Fuso Diagnostic Kit (2012-2016) without HDD C5 XENTRY

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Für Kunden, die ein Diagnose-Tool für 2012 und neuere Mitsubishi Trucks benötigen, haben Sie gefunden, was Sie suchen. Mitsubishi Fuso Diagnostic Kit (2012-2016) kann auf FUSO Mitsubishi, Kobus, Mercedes-Benz, Smart, Maybach, Setra, Bharat-Benz, FotonDaimler auch verwendet werden.
Mitsubishi Fuso C5 Diagnostic Kit (2012-2016)
ALSO CAN BE USED ON;FUSO Mitsubishi , Cobus , Mercedes-Benz , Smart , Maybach , Setra , Bharat-Benz , FotonDaimler 
1. Mitsubishi Fuso SD Connect Compact 5 support wireless diagnose;
2. Mitsubishi Fuso SD Connect C5 Star Diagnosis not only support K line diagnose and CAN BUS,but also UDS diagnose protocol. 
3. Multiplexer now use Lan cable to connect
4. Connector adopt Military quick swap technology, it can support 10,000 times pull plug, more stable;
5. All core accosseries adopt original new packing chip, and 24hours test, guarantee the quality of the products;

This Fuso C5 truck scan tool covers Mitsubishi model years 2012 through 2016 

Package including: 
1pcs X Fuso Connect Interface C5 
1pcs X Fuso Harness (OBD 2) 
1pcs X Fuso Lan Cable 

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