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Bluetooth V2016.1 DS150 Diagnostic Tool DS150E CDP Pro Ohne Tragetasche

Bluetooth V2016.1 DS150 Diagnostic Tool DS150E CDP Pro Ohne Tragetasche

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1. V2016.1 Software.
2. 2 Leiterplatten, alte Relais.
3. Support USB- und Bluetooth-Verbindung.
4. Es dauert ganze Funktionalität und Reichweite im DS100E und überträgt sie auf einer PC-Plattform.

Günstigstes V2016.1 Bluetooth DS150 Diagnosewerkzeug Ausrüstung DS150E CDP Pro Ohne Tragetasche

Top 6 Gründe für Tcscdp DS150 Diagnostic Tool  Erhalten:

1. V2016.1 Software.
2. 2 PCB boards, old relay.
3. Tcscdp DS150E takes all the functionality and coverage of the DS100E and transfers it onto a PC platform.
4. Support both USB and Bluetooth connection.
5. Exceptional value for money – operates from a garages existing PC

6. Sprache: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Czech, Dansk, Deutsch,Turkish, Greek, Dutch, Hungarian, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Swedish, and so on.


Tcscdp DS150 Diagnostic Tool Using the latest Bluetooth wireless technology, faster diagnosis,supports diagnostics on around 54,000 vehicle systems.on more than 4000 models from over 48 Vehicle Manufacturers. Full system coverage for BMW, VAG, Ford, Peugeot, Citroen, Renault, Vauxhall, Rover, Fiat, Volvo, Mazda, Mercedes, Smart, Nissan, Subaru, Toyota, Hyundai….and more!
DS150 Diagnostic Tool Funktionen:
1. Read & Erase Fault Codes & SLR All Systems(Petrol & Diesel Engine Management, ABS, Instrument panel, Climate control, Gearbox, Immobiliser, SRS, Multifunction (Central Body, Central Locking, Convenience Systems, Chassis, Infotainment, Lights, Navigation, Seats, TPMS etc-Vehicle Specific) ),
2. Look at Live Data, graphing and saving of live data
3. Component Activation.
4. ECU Coding / Parameter Adjustments / Component Configuration (initialization of new components, particulate filter regeneration, Diesel Injector coding, TPMS etc)
5. Intelligent System Scan – complete scan of all ECU / ECM’s on vehicle platform, configurable by system
6. Full Vehicle Information tree – allowing vehicle specific check of OBD functionality without being connected to a vehicle
7. Customer reporting system
8. Direct Linking to Technical Data
9. Service Light Reset and Service Interval Reset, including ‘BMW Condition Based Service’ reset and Fiat Stilo, VAG.
Audi A6, A8 / VW Passat, – Electronic Handbrake, Piston reset for before and after brake service
Mercedes E Class (211/230) De-activation and Activation of SBC (brake-by-wire) brake system, so that brakes can be serviced.
Peugeot Additive Tank Reset and Regeneration of Particle Emission Filters?Renault Laguna II, Espace IV, Velsatis, Peugeot 607, 807 and Citroen C5 & C8 - Tyre
Pressure Monitoring Systems – Valve programming
Diesel Injector Coding for Systems
1pc x Tcscdp DS150e diagnostic unit
1pc x V2016.1 CD
1pc x USB cable(1.5M)


Contact information:

Mobile:+86 15223201143
WhatsApp: +86 15223201143

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